The essential and fundamental thing during natural colon cleanse is to purify your colon from poison, harmful chemicals and fecal matter deposited over the years.

The basic mistake that people make when they apply this natural healing and avoid to clean bowel is that they do not realize that such a method can do more damage than benefit because organism will begin with the process of physiological colon cleansing and expulsion of toxins but simply will not have where to eject all poisons and poisons will be absorbed again in the body so the person will feel even worse.

The waste products from the colon can accumulate and contaminate other organs. Every healthy man should do colon cleanse. These attitudes of natural medicine are derived from the fact that our colon has a pouch on the outside of the intestinal wall called diverticula or external hernia of intestinal wall filled with feces and fecal substances.

colon cleanse recipe

For example, boil on the leg will not heal without cleansing the intestines first. Tumors can also occur as a result of the body attempting to expel toxic substances and products. Sometimes people can suffer from a severe form of depression until they cleanse their colon. Fecal matter causes appendicitis. A body can’t expel waste products if the colon is not working properly.

In this article we give you some natural remedies and show you how to cleanse your colon.

Recipe of Russian medicine

Colon cleansing should last for one month with this recipe. For this colon cleanse recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  • A pound of fresh carrots,
  • A pound of fresh beetroot,
  • Handful of dried apricots,
  • Handful of raisins,
  • Jar of honey.

Preparation: Take a pound of fresh carrots and the same amount of raw beetroot. Chop vegetables finely and put in enamel pot. Pour the boiling water so that the water is two fingers above the vegetables. Then add one handful of chopped dried apricots and raisins. Place the pot on the fire to boil then immediately remove the pot from the heat.

When it is slightly cooled, add a tablespoon of honey and let stand covered for 12 hours in a cool, dry place. Then squeeze out the liquid well and drain. You can drink the liquid, and the rest you can use for culinary purposes. This amount is for about two days of treatments.

Drink half a glass (1-1.5 dl) three times a day before meals. Cleaning of the bowel using this recipe should last a month. After that, the colon is reborn.

How this natural colon cleanse recipe works?

The synergy of these ingredients is precisely focused on the large colon cleansing.

Beetroot is an incredible natural colon and blood cleanser and it provides great benefits for the liver. Cleaning the colon and liver are the most important things you can do to change everything – with this you can influence on the overall health and well-being. This amazing vegetable contains almost all mineral ingredients: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, sulfur, iodine, bromine, lithium, rubidium and strontium, and there are also vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. In addition to cleansing intestines, it helps to fight cancer and in the treatment of kidney stones and gallstones.

Carrots are the basic ingredients for detoxification of the body because they are rich in antioxidant beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. The antioxidant action of beta-carotene helps fight free radicals that accelerate aging and leaves to your skin’s natural glow.

Vitamin A, which is also present in carrots, is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system. This nutrient protects the skin and the cells that line the airways, digestive system and urinary tract, and keeps them healthy to function as a barrier and the form of the “first line of defense” against infection.

Eating dried apricots and raisins improves bowel movements, rejuvenates the liver and spleen. It returns to liver its natural capacity and function.

Honey helps with faster wound healing, diseases of the intestines and stomach, fever, and can also be used as a cleaning agent. In folk medicine, honey is the basis of natural healing. Honey strengthens the immune system and has antibacterial properties, inside and outside, so it helps the body to heal and cleanse.

colon cleanse recipes

Two formulas for colon cleanse detox

The first formula causes bowel movements, even if the nerves around the colon are damaged or even missing.

Here is the first herbal colon cleanse recipe:


– Two pieces of aloe Vera leaves (or of rhubarb)

– One piece of the leaves and pods of senna (start first with a half of portion)

– One piece of barberry bark

– One piece of ginger root or peppermint leaf or fennel leaf

– One garlic clove or buttercup root

– One piece of cayenne pepper, hottest you can find.

In a bowl mix the shredded herbs and the resulting mixture put into a capsule, which can find in many pharmacies. It does not matter if you miss one, two or three ingredients, or if you need to replace certain ingredients. This formula prevents the development of candida, destroys and removes parasites and relieves gas and cramping. Take one capsule a day, during or immediately after dinner. The formula has the best effect when it is taken together with food. If this dose has some effect on your bowels, continue using, if there are no effects, increase the dose for one capsule. Continue to increase the dose until you see a big change.

If your bowels are irritated, and you empty your bowels too often, skip the first formula and move on to another. It represents a powerful vacuum cleaner for colon cleanse and it is usually used when you have finished with the first formula.


– 2 teaspoons of linseed

– 2 pieces of pectin from apples (not necessarily because it is difficult to obtain)

– 2 pieces of the pharmaceutical bentonite clay (can be found in health food stores) or some other clay

– 7 pieces of plantain seeds and flakes

– 2 pieces of the inner part of elm bark or marshmallow root

– 1 piece of fennel seeds or peppermint seeds

– 1 piece of willow charcoal

This colon cleanse recipe will eliminate long residual fecal matter from the wall of the colon and intestinal bladder. It will remove poisons, toxins, heavy metals, even radioactive materials like strontium 90.

This formula can sometimes cause constipation, so if that happens all you need to do is to increase the dose of the formula.

Mix one full teaspoon of finely powdered plant with about 120 to 180 ml of fresh juice. After that, drink another 250 to 500 ml of water. You can do so five times a day, or eat more and reduce the number of doses. Be careful because this formula can cause constipation, and it may be necessary to increase the dose.

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