Skipping meals is never an option. Our organism will work best if we have at least 3 main meals and 2 more in between. This golden rule applies even when dieting.

Eat a variety of foods and food rich in fiber

You should consume lean meat and fish, lean fermented milk products such as yogurt and sour cream and low-fat cheese, but all in moderation. We definitely need to point out the importance of vegetables and fresh fruits, as well as fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Besides many vitamins they contain fibers which, when combined with water, burn fat. Preference is also given to bread and pasta made out of whole-wheat flour. At least once or twice a week consume beans, peas or lentils because they are rich in proteins and useful carbohydrates.


Hazelnut, almond and walnut provide energy and satiety. They contain important amino acids, vitamins B group, calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as unsaturated fats.

Due to its calorific value they must be used in moderation and are excellent as a snack. We have to emphasize the importance of oat products because they are rich in fiber, iron and folic acid. Ballast substances give you a feeling of satiety and also lower cholesterol levels.

Drink more water

By consuming enough water and unsweetened herbal teas (up to 2 l a day) making it easier for the body to eliminate the toxins that contribute to the collection of fat cells. It is not enough just to drink water when you feel thirst. Water should be consumed in small sips throughout the day and is best when it’s at room temperature.

Walk and exercise

As much as we try to avoid exercise, it is certain that there is a time that you can devote to yourself and your body, health and look. No matter what the weather is outside, the slow walk will always help you to relax.


One of the healthiest options out there tells a story about vitamin C. Like all other vitamins in the food, vitamin C is often forgotten as a natural supplement rich in antioxidants.

Less animal fat

Avoid fried food, processed food, fatty meats, full-fat cheeses, butter, margarine etc. Instead choose cold-pressed olive oil, especially recommended because it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect the heart and blood vessels.

Say no to sweetened food and drinks

Throw out the sugar from your diet and replace it with natural sweeteners such as honey, malt or fructose. Don’t use sweetened and soft drinks. Dark chocolate is healthier than standard. It contains less sugar and theobromine, a substance which positively affects the mood. Give advantage to dry fruits (not candied), fasting cakes and whole grains biscuits, sweetened with natural sweeteners.

Less salt

Foods that are considered to have a lot of salt are meat products, concentrates, soups, spicy seasonings, cheeses, salty snacks, etc.

Moderate amounts of alcohol

Knowing your true alcohol tolerance is worth of gold! Men – it is recommended two glasses of wine or beer a day or one glass of some fierce drink. Women – half men’s dose.

No more cigarettes

If you stop smoking and forget about that vice once and for all, the body will thank you and your face and your skin will shine again. So why want you?

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