Spring is the ideal time to refresh your skin. With our recipes you will turn your bathroom into a small wellness spa. Body peeling will remove dead skin cells and thus cleanse your skin, which will regain its glow and softness.

Sugar scrub

This recipe is very simple. Put crystal sugar into a small bowl and mix it with olive oil. Massage your skin with the paste in circular motions while having a shower and then rinse it off. After the treatment your skin gets soft because the olive oil additionally nourishes your skin, so it’s not necessary to use body milk or body lotion. Combination of brown sugar and honey makes an excellent option for the body care.

homemade body scrubs

Brown sugar is coarser than white crystal one and because of that it will completely cleanse your skin and honey will make it soft, smooth and smell gorgeous. You can use sugar for face peeling too. Make the paste of sour cream, honey and sugar, and cleanse your face gently with a soft cotton ball. Sugar will eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and honey will nourish and regenerate your skin.

Exotic peeling

For a more exotic experience make a combination of brown sugar, vanilla and lemon extract. Providing a great effect to your skin, this adorable scrub, or rather aromatic experience will awaken all your senses. Brown sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals and in addition to cleansing the skin by eliminating dead skin cells, it also provides the skin with the essential nourishment and care. Vanilla extract will make your skin smell gorgeous and provide the skin with the necessary vitamins and refreshing aroma.

Chocolate scrubs

If you are a chocolate lover, then you will be amazed by this sweet, aromatic suggestion. Combination of chocolate and delightful essential oils will become a real enjoyment for all your senses. It’s very easy to prepare, simply mix cocoa or melted chocolate with the essential oils. Add a few tablespoons of crystal sugar and a little bit of hazelnut crisps. Apply this divine mixture to your skin, relax and rinse it off with lukewarm water about half an hour later.

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