Your skin says a lot about you. As the skin is our largest organ it needs constant care and nurturing for its continued health. From this article you will learn how to treat your face with a litlle herbal skin care.

Herbs For Oily Skin

Did you know that in this case your good health associate can be basil, which is decorated with natural antibacterial properties, and that is good for the treatment of acne

Interestingly, because basil contains ursolic acid it makes the skin more elastic and is powerfull factor in the prevention of skin cancer. Next on the list there is a dandelion, the weeds in the grass, also beneficial for the skin for the same reason as basil. Lavender has a calming effect and rosemary will successfully tone oily skin.


They will make your food tastier; they will smooth your skin… HERBS!

Herbs For Dry Skin

Aloe is an excellent choice, but also as the „ox ear“ (Borago officinalis).  Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) helps to prevent wrinkles while marshmallows calm the effect on irritated and dry skin.

Herbs For Sensitive Skin

Who would have thought a nettle can actually soothe your sensitive skin?! Comfrey is ideal for rough and dry skin because it contains protein, allantoin, that accelerates cell renewal. Chamomile can actually be used as well as aesthetic and whiten the skin, in addition to being soft. Licorice is applied in spots in the case of eczema, allergic dermatitis, psoriasis and for these problems it is useful and evening primrose oil. Evening primrose is rich in gamma-linolenic acid, which contributes to the production of collagen.
Turmeric also relaxes inflamed skin. Stir with coconut oil and apply to the face in a mask. This program is also useful for stopping the growth of unwanted hair!


The easiest way to use herbs on the face skin is with the help of steam. So, grind your favorite fresh twigs and leaves of organic herbs or a mixture of fresh herbs. Add to that a handful of fresh herbs in a large bowl and a few cups of boiling water. Stir, put a towel over the head and sit with eyes closed over a bowl as it evaporates for about fifteen minutes. After that, spray your face with cool water.

Use these tricks and your skin will slowly become more and more beautiful!