At a time when the scale of the global obesity was never higher, there are people who are trying to gain weight due to lack of pounds. This experience can be frustrating and sometimes a medically worrying.

Malnutrition may be the result of a health problem such as a hyperactive thyroid gland. “If, you are trying to get a few pounds in a healthy way, don’t fall into the trap where your meals are filled with junk food. After all, we are what we eat. Nutrients from food are literally raw material that our body uses to build new cells,” says Cynthia Sas, a specialist in mental health.

Cynthia’s main advice is that you need to eat regularly, every three to four hours.

“Your body is like an engine that works all the time, so it needs a regular flow of energy. When you skip meals or spend long periods of time without eating, you are literally depriving it of the fuel it needs to operate. The result is that the body looks for energy elsewhere, such as muscles,” says Cynthia for Huffington Post.

Start slowly – Increase the amount of calories only by 200 a day, to see how your body will react. It is very easy to overeat, so it’s important to be very careful at the beginning.

Catherine Zeratski from Mayo Clinic suggests a couple of strategies that are the exact opposite advice for losing weight such as snacking cheese, avocado and dried fruits in between meals.

Drinking calories is also a good way to gain a few pounds, however, this doesn’t mean that the soft drinks are the right solution. Such drinks may do more harm than good, because of the numerous health problems they can cause. Catherine recommends healthy smoothies and fruit and cereal shakes.

If the extra calories are not efficient enough, another option is to go to the gym because the muscles need more calories.

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