Due to its nice aroma and taste, strawberry is considered to be the most valuable berry fruit, while it has an enviable position in nutrition because of the exceptional nutritive and healing properties.

So, we could say that the favorite perennial herbaceous plant – strawberry (Fragaria vesca) – is the leading type of all berries in the world. It is our favorite fruit because it can be consumed not only fresh but also frozen.

There are even 400 varieties of this fruit worldwide. Strawberries can grow in a forest or a garden in temperate climate zones. In terms of effectiveness, both strawberry types have medicinal properties, but because of the quality, vitamin abundance and other beneficial ingredients, preference is given to a wild or woodland strawberry.

You can use its fruit, leaves and root as a home remedy. The leaves are harvested in May, June, July and August, the fruit in June, July and August, and the root in September. The most interesting part of the plant is the fruit itself, because it contains about ten percent of sugar and evenly distributed free organic acids – citric, tartaric and malic acid, pectin, mineral substances, aromatic compounds, carotene and vitamin C.

The wild strawberries contain more iron than the garden strawberries, which is particularly recommended for anemic people. Cooked roots and leaves are recommended when dealing with diarrhea problems.

health benefits of strawberries

It has been confirmed that the tea made of strawberry leaves is extremely effective and can help with the urinary excretion, it also cleanses the blood and soothes the nerves. A handful of wild strawberries is enough to meet the daily need for vitamin C.

In addition to this, the plant contains vitamin B complex, vitamin E, carotene, flavonoids and minerals, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, tannins, triterpene and pentosan.

On the other hand, fresh, wild strawberry fruit mixed with milk, wine or lemon juice is great for treating jaundice, it strengthens the heart and provides help to kidney patients. In folk medicine it is recommended for treating gout, vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, hemorrhoids, arteriosclerosis, and lowering high blood pressure.

Tea made of dried wild strawberry fruits is especially suitable for children and pregnant women.

We don’t have to mention how strawberries are delicious when consumed fresh. At the same time they are perfect for making jam, marmalade, compote, syrup, juice, ice cream and jelly. For better preservation of strawberry’s nutritional and medicinal ingredients, regardless of the fruit type, you should wash strawberries briefly, immediately before consumption, but not using a strong jet of water.

Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberry against stomach pain

Put a kilogram of wild or garden strawberries in one liter of preferably unrefined oil and leave it to stand in the sun for two months. You should consume one tablespoon of this remedy regularly, three times a day.

For kidney cleansing

If you have kidney stones and bladder sand problems, you should eat one kilogram of ripe wild strawberries on a daily basis, for a month or a month and a half. You can combine strawberries with yogurt, wine or lemon juice. In the off season, you can use dried strawberries, juices or jams for this purpose.

Against diarrhea

For treating mild to moderate diarrhea you need to cook 15 grams of strawberry root in two and a half deciliters of water, for five minutes and let it stand covered for another 10 to 15 minutes. Then strain and drink it hot, several times a day.

If facing with severe diarrhea, you need to cook 400 grams of strawberry leaves in one and a half liter of high quality local brandy. The content needs to be half cooked in order to have proper, healing effects. After this procedure the remedy is done and you should consume one teaspoon on every two to three hours.

For better bile secretion

You should eat 300 to 500 grams of fresh strawberries, covered with honey and one lemon juice, three times a day, after having breakfast, lunch and dinner. The therapy lasts for two weeks.

For treating fever

Folk healers recommend that two grams of strawberry leaves should be cooked well in two and a half deciliters of milk mixed with a teaspoon of honey in order to prepare a home remedy for treating fever and tuberculosis. Cooking should last about five minutes, after which you need to strain and drink a cup of beverage, three times a day.

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