From Ancient times grapefruit has been known as a fruit that is beneficial to our digestive system, helps with a variety of health problems and gives us a lot of vitamins. This amazing fruit is one of the best medicines for high cholesterol because of its soft membrane that abounds in pectin, agent known for lowering cholesterol.

Grapefruit diets

The grapefruit diet has two versions. The first is based on consuming only grapefruit that can help you in achieving dramatic weight loss in a very short period of time because it does not allow the intake of any other type of food except grapefruit, which is famous not only for low calorific value, but also for the properties that help in burning fat. The second and more common concept of conducting the grapefruit diet is based on the consumption of grapefruit before each meal. You should eat half a grapefruit, drink a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, or use purchased grapefruit juice with no added sugar when fresh is not available. You should also be aware of this: sweets are not allowed but people who decide to follow the grapefruit diet can enjoy fried and fatty foods. During the grapefruit diet sugar intake is not allowed, so you should know that all types of desserts and sweets should be thrown away.

Recommendations for this kind of nutrition are based on the intake of foods that a person is already eating so you can consume all of your favorite foods, which includes fried and fatty meat as well. It is allowed to eat all kinds of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, (full-fat) milk and dairy products, and cereals to a lesser extent (you should especially pay attention on the intake of bread) but vegetables and fruits can be consumed in unlimited amounts. It is advised to reduce the intake of bread, but since this diet primary emphasis consumption of grapefruit before each meal, the detail relating to the bread is not very important in the grapefruit diet.

Grapefruit juice in the morning

Methods of food preparation can be the same as before, which means that they involve water and cooking or steaming, braising, baking and roasting. The diet does not require any change in the habits of preparation and selection of food. Also, this diet includes grapefruit juice on an empty stomach every morning. The time provided for the implementation of the grapefruit diet is unlimited, except in the case of the grapefruit only diet, where time is limited to one to two weeks maximum. Grapefruit contains enzymes that are believed to stimulate the digestion process and the process of decomposition of fat which is used in this diet as a tool to stimulate and accelerate the process of weight loss.

Note from professionals: During the grapefruit diet control by experts is recommended as well as taking vitamin and mineral supplementation.

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