The use of Goji berries became popular only recently in the Western countries, but Gou Qi Zi is an ancient Chinese medicina with an extremely wide use and incredible benefit to many looking to improve the following conditions:

  • Benefits the eyes, so all those suffering from dry and tired eyes, grinding and burning sensation, floaters, etc. should include Gojis in their daily diet.
  • Goji berries effect joints, promoting elasticity of connective tissue as they are a very good blood tonic. Regular eating of Goji berries helps both bones and tendons, prevents tightness and joint pain.

goji berries benefits

  • Contemporary medical science recommends Goji berries to help reduce blood sugar and help regenerate liver cells and reduce cholesterol. Goji berries are therefore beneficial in helping diabetes and liver disorders, as they drastically reduce serum cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Because of their influence on the above mentioned main bodily functions, incorporating Goji berries in your diet on everyday basis, builds up the immune system and improves body’s adaptive functions.
  • Due to their circulation improving properties, they are essential in preventing arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Goji berries can be used in several different ways. Eaten raw, they taste similar to raisins, only not so sweet, and definitely much healthier for you as they are not soaked in oil and preservatives before drying. My 11 year old daughter adores them and eats them nearly every day. As she is a passionate tennis player, they are both a yummy food and medicine for her, preventing tight joints and tendons that need to be supple for active sports people. I recommend them to all my patients that are exercising.

Gojis are great as tea, on their own, or combined, for example, with dried chrysanthemum flowers for a fragrant brew. They will become soft and mushy, and you can then eat them, too, for added benefit. All my fertility patients are prescribed this combination to build blood, nourish uterus and reduce inflammation.

You can cook with Gojis, add them to soups, casseroles, oriental sweet/sour dishes, or add them to your porridge or cereal, they taste incredibly well. My patients with low blood count, iron and haemoglobin levels are eating Gojis in this way, as they are easily absorbed and transported through the digestive system.

Enjoy Gou Qi Zi, they are small and sweet, but big on supporting your health and robust in preventing many chronic conditions.

I specialise in women's health issues including fertility, pregnancy, menopause, endometriosis and PCOS, pre menstrual syndrome (PMS) regulation, hormonal balancing, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea (and improving egg quality).