Studies have shown that people who get up early have a better immune system and more energy during the day than those who sleep longer.

It was also proved that they are less susceptible to stress because they have more time to complete their obligations and they have less reason to be annoyed. A small number of people is happy when they hear alarm early in the morning, especially if they take a nap during the day. Waking up early is our reality and you just need to accept it and do everything possible to make it easier.

Make some small changes in your daily life and you will be surprised how easy is to balance between going to bed and getting up early.

Trick your body clock

When you decide to change your habits, do it gradually. If you decide to start getting up earlier than usual, don’t immediately wind up alarm clock, but every couple of days postpone waking up by 10 minutes until you reach the desired time. Your body will accept new regime and get used to it little by little.

The mental trick

Think of a ritual that you perform every morning, and it will help you get up easier. As soon as you wake up you should give yourself 15 to 20 minutes to drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast or simply play your favorite music. This will help you wake up with a smile on your face and start your day in a good mood. Be sure not to think about the responsibilities as soon as you open your eyes.

Less coffee

Limit yourself to two cups of coffee a day and it will make your day last about 16 hours. If you’re not a big fan of this delicious drink, buy a decaf so you will be able to enjoy your evening.

Hit the gym

It is well known that physical activity positively affects the quality of sleep and relieves from insomnia, and at the same time helps to have more energy during the day. If you can, keep in mind that it would be ideal to complete your workout in the morning because this will help you wake up. If you are more comfortable with taking exercise in the afternoon, exercise as soon as possible and don’t wait for midnight.

Strong breakfast and light dinner

When we wake up, our body needs energy, and the best way to ensure this is to eat a solid breakfast, which will have carbohydrates and proteins, and only after that we can have a coffee. In this way, we will launch the metabolism and start the day in the right way. And that evening, you would have no trouble falling asleep. Make sure not to have dinner after 7 pm and that the meal is low in carbohydrates. Tuna salad or chicken breasts with steamed vegetables are some of the best solutions for a delicious dinner.

Bojana is passionate about sharing experience, tips and tricks related to nutrition, fitness and beauty. She is all about hacking a way to a healthy lifestyle. Her daily routine is a cup of lemon water, yoga and meditation.