Apple “erases” wrinkles

Apple peel is known for its ability to regenerate itself and therefor experts consider this fruit to be an excellent anti-aging natural product. Its beneficial ingredients, such as malic acid which provides a peeling effect, removes the dead cell layers and draws impurities out of the pores, makes the skin smooth and tight.

Pomegranate protects color-treated hair

Pomegranate bark and juice contain very powerful antioxidants which are three or four times stronger than those in wine or green tea. For this reason the nutrients of the fruit are used in making skin and hair care products. Pomegranate is rich in vitamins A, C and E, potassium, folic acid and iron.

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Grapes – the champion among antioxidants

It has been proven that grape is rich in substances that seem to have been created to preserve the beauty, health and youthful-looking skin. Thanks to the high content of vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and polyphenols, very effective antioxidants that protect skin from aging, the grapes have rightly become the main star of the cosmetic industry.

Apricot cleanses and moisturizes our skin

Ultra nourishing oil and butter, which are obtained from the apricot kernel, are used in cosmetic industry for skin cleansing and moisturizing, reducing wrinkles around eyes, lips, neck and forehead and nails regeneration. Apricot is rich in protein and essential fatty acids.

Blackcurrant improves circulation

Blackcurrant oil contains a large amount of omega-6 fatty acids that regenerate skin. Destillate, which is obtained from its leaves, improves microcirculation, while the plant buds have a strong anti-inflammatory impact.

Tomato protects against UV radiation

Tomato is a real treasure of lycopene, a compound which acts as an internal photoprotector, increasing skin resistance to the harmful UV rays. These juicy fruits contribute to the skin health because they are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 and E.

Tomato is mostly consisted of potassium as well as significant amounts of manganese, iron and copper.

Olive helps skin regeneration

Olive oil has been used for centuries as the best product for skin regeneration. It is also very popular in wrinkles, stretch marks and scars treatment, lip and nail care, as well as for maintaining natural hair moisture. Olive oil has an ideal proportion of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and besides that fact, contains polyphenols and vitamins A and E.

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