Acne most often occur in the age between 12 and 25, sometimes out of nowhere, and are very irritating because they know they can play with our confidence. It is like a cold, there is no magic cure that can help us solve this problem quickly. Although there are a variety of creams and cosmetics that could liberate you from the troubles with acne, it’s usually very expensive.

But luckily there are a few simple medicines that can successfully deal with acne and can cleanse the face of pimples. And the best thing is these foods are not expensive and you certainly already have it at home!


There’s a reason some women put slices of cucumber on their eyes during a facial treatment. Cucumber has anti – inflammatory effect that can remove puffiness under the eyes. For acne it can remove the redness and soften the skin.

You can simply put cucumber slices on the part of affected skin, but if you want to maximize the effect, you can make a cucumber paste – adding a couple of tsp of grated lemon juice.


Did you know that honey can be kept for years at home, and that it will not spoil? This is because it is natural antibiotic and its antibacterial effects do not allow honey to rot. That is why some people keep honey for several years for the treatment of wounds and other diseases.

These are the best foods if you want to get rid of acne!

How to use honey to treat acne? Make a face mask. Combine two or three tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon and gently spread over your face. Leave it to dry for about 15 minutes, then rinse. The face will immediately look cleaner, fresher and softer.


Ice is not only good for cooling drinks, but it can help with immediate relief from acne. Simply rub a spot affected by acne with ice cubes and you will feel the difference. Stains will be reduced, as well as inflammation, the pores will be closed, which leads to a softening of the skin. This treatment works especially to those types of acne that are inflamed and red.

Corn Starch

If you still don’t like the feeling of cold ice and you don’t want so drastic solution, then treatment with cornstarch is right for you.

Take boiled, chilled water, put the corn starch as desired and stir until you get a thick mixture, then apply it on the whole face or just the parts with acne. Corn starch will dry out pimples, draw excess oil and reduce redness. This treatment is excellent for those who have a sensitive skin.



A drug that is mainly used to treat colds may be useful for treating acne! Since aspirin is an analgesic and anti – inflammatory drug it may affect the inflammation of acne and reduce redness.

For the therapy, mix one tablespoon of aspirin with three tablespoons of water and stir until you have a thick paste. When thickened, put a paste on problematic parts of the skin with a brush. Wait 20 to 30 minutes before paste is completely dry, and remove with water.


This enchanting little vegetable is good for almost anything. Garlic have anti – fungal effect, as well as anti – viral and can give you a big dose of antioxidants.

Using garlic to fight acne is very simple. Just use it in salads, with meat and other savory dishes. You can use it in another way: Take a clove of garlic and grind it, then rub it on the problematic areas. Do this at least twice a day.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another amazing ingredient that you should use. It can help in cleaning the clogged pores, removing dead cells from the skin, in reducing redness and clears blemishes.

Be sure to never use undiluted, especially if you have a sensitive skin. For more effective solution: Mix the oil with water in a ratio of 1: 7 (or 1:10) depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Soak cotton balls in liquid and apply it in circular motions on the skin. Wait half an hour to dry, then rinse with lukewarm water. After the treatment always put moisturizer for the face.

Apple cider vinegar

Not only is it good for your hair, vinegar works wonders against acne. Like tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar is also strong, so always dilute it before use.

Mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 3 (or 1: 4) and use the liquid to clean the face, and again apply moisturizer when you finish.


If you really want to get rid of pimples in the short-term, one of the best ways is to put the toothpaste over and wait for it to dry. Toothpaste contains silicon – dioxide, which is a good method of drying the pimple for a few hours. It is best to put a pea-sized toothpaste over the pimples overnight – redness and size of the pimples will be reduced.


As they say, “better safe than sorry”. No one can be sure you’re getting enough amount of water to eject all impurities from the body. Drinking a minimum of 8 to 10 glass of water daily will secure a healthier, smoother and cleaner skin.

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