The secret of youthful appearance, shiny, thick hair and radiant skin lies in the increasingly popular healthy diet. It’s about the groceries that are rich in minerals and vitamins which are ideal for body detoxification because they remove harmful substances from the intestines and make the optimal absorption of nutrients possible.

Targeted selection of fruits and vegetables is the base of detoxification, healthy skin and hair, as well as a weight loss.

With these three foods you’ll be able to get a radiant skin

The necessary ingredients for the radiant complexion are pineapple (helps to stimulate the production of collagen), flaxseed (essential fatty acids) and avocado (rich in vitamins C, E and K). Avocado stands out because of its specificity to contain anti-aging antioxidants.

food for body detoxification

Banana against dark under eye circles

Consuming one banana a day will make you soothe the dark under eye circles successfully because this fruit contains a great amount of potassium which helps control the excess fluid under your eyes.

Solution for long term removal of pimples

The best way to remove pimples and inflammatory processes of your face is to use these natural products: coconut oil that cleanses the body, apple cider vinegar which improves the toxins removal from the body and red onion which stimulate both digestive juices secretion and body detoxification.

Shiny, thick hair

Carrot contains a high amount of beta carotene, the plant pigment that body turns into vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy hair growth, while the pumpkin seeds represent a great source of zinc and sulfur responsible for a good quality hair.

Both carrot and pumpkin seeds should be consumed on a daily basis because they contain essential vitamin B which prevents thinning hair and stimulates hair growth.

Green mix for strong nails

Green leafy vegetables and millet are the perfect solution for brittle nails, because they are consisted of large amounts of calcium. Calcium is very much present in spinach and various types of lettuce. These vegetables provide their best when squeezed and consumed as juice, in liquid form.

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