Are you trying to get rid of the abdominal swelling and excess fat deposits? Eat five times a day, drink six to eight glasses of water, chew food until it turns into a liquid… Besides all this, you must follow other rules which will make your stomach flat (in just 24 hours).

You should avoid chewing gum and reduce salt intake. You should start eating more cabbage, egg whites and yogurt. All this will speed up the metabolism.

– In general, foods that are high in fiber and protein are good for metabolism. You should eat egg whites, yogurt, kale, milk and grapefruit

– It is good to reduce flatulence. This can be achieved by avoiding sugar, wheat, caffeine and alcohol.

– Avoid food with additives, such as snacks and chocolate. If you remove these things from your diet, drink plenty of water and eat protein, all that will normalize your blood sugar levels.

– It is important to be patient while eating, because otherwise you will eat more calories, unconsciously.

– Chew each bite of food almost until it turns into a liquid, it will not only ensure that the food is well digested, but will also help you to eat slowly and enjoy your food, so you can prevent overeating.

– Do you want to start with a healthy living and get back in shape quickly? Never skip breakfast because it will keep your energy until lunchtime.



Carbohydrates burn out quickly and make you feel hungry again. When blood sugar drops you start to feel tired. It is best to eat eggs for breakfast, smoked chicken, almonds and cheese.

– One study showed that people who ate eggs for breakfast felt less hungry during the day than those who eat biscuits as soon as stand.

Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber and protein as well as vitamins and minerals that help in digestion.

– Try to consume 25 to 35 grams of fiber each day. Eat blueberries, because they contain strong antioxidants.

For breakfast, eat a slice of whole grain toast with butter and almonds. Also include the two hard-boiled egg and a cup of blueberries. Drink water and lemonade because that way you will cleanse the body. In the morning you can drink green tea and this will shake up your metabolism.


Unsalted nuts such as almonds contain healthy fats, proteins and fibers.

Vegetables such as celery are good for removing toxins and water retention.


It is important to have a healthy and nutritious lunch that will keep you up until afternoon. Salad should be based on the dark green leaves such as spinach and kale, which are a good source of calcium.

– Make sure you make healthy fats and proteins such as salmon and eggs, and half the plate should be covered with the vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and avocados. Tomato is a great food for flattening the stomach because it reduces inflammation and expel water from the body. It also regulates metabolism.

Lemon and olive oil can help to satisfy the hunger.

You can eat kale and spinach with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, avocado, hard boiled eggs, sunflower seeds and lemon and vinegar over it.

After the meal, drink lemonade.


Natural yogurt is a probiotic that contains bacteria that help the digestive system and thus you feel less bloated. Put cinnamon or ginger in yogurt because that will speed up your metabolism. You can add finely chopped cucumber to taste.


For dinner you should eat protein such as salmon. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Spinach is also a good choice for dinner, because it contains a lot of calcium and is low in calories. Onions, green tea, chili peppers, soy, grapefruit and ginger accelerate the metabolism and create a thinner waistline.

Eat grilled salmon with spinach in olive oil with onions. Drink a glass of water.


Bojana is passionate about sharing experience, tips and tricks related to nutrition, fitness and beauty. She is all about hacking a way to a healthy lifestyle. Her daily routine is a cup of lemon water, yoga and meditation.