There are countless tips and suggestions on how we should nurture our skin, to keep it soft and smooth. To avoid any confusion when it comes to skin care, we reveal five most common myths about natural skin care.

Thick body creams are more hydrant

This statement is totally wrong. Too thick cream may act as cement and clog the dead skin cells as well as the impurities inside your pores. Therefore, there is a great possibility for blackheads to appear and your skin may look tired, lifeless, dull and dry.

skin care myths

Anti-aging cream may remove wrinkles

The truth is that there is no cream which can rejuvenate your face skin and remove your wrinkles. Skin care products can just alleviate the wrinkles making them less visible, but the problem will still be there. Moisturizers and anti-aging creams nourish the skin because of which it temporarily looks better, but it doesn’t mean these products can make the wrinkles disappear.

Winter sun doesn’t damage the skin

Although during the winter months UVB rays aren’t that much strong as in summer, UVA rays actually have the same impact, regardless of what time of the year it is. The main difference between these two UV types is that UVB rays are responsible for skin burns, while UVA rays cause skin aging, skin cell damage and even cancer.

Chocolate causes acne

Chocolate may not belong to the healthiest food group, but it hasn’t been scientifically proven to cause acne so far.

You don’t have to apply tonic if you use cleansing milk

Although the cleansing milk removes face impurities very well, the face tonic is also very important part of the face care. The tonic equalizes skin tone, reduces pores, moisturizes skin and removes previously applied milk remains.

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