The quality of life, lots of information on how to take care of ourselves, the progress of science, all that has led to the fact that today we are living longer, healthier lives. However, there are always some little things in everyday life that need to be corrected.

Watch less television

It is well known: the more you watch TV, the more you sit, and therefore – you are less active. New research carried out in Australia on 8800 adult respondents who had no family history of heart disease, led to the conclusion that the amount of time spent sitting in front of television is associated with the risk of premature death from a heart attack. Respondents who watched TV four or more hours a day had a 50% higher risk of fatal heart attack than those who reduced watching TV to less than two hours a day.

Experts have calculated that each additional hour of watching TV increases the risk by 11% of heart attack.

Eat a handful of nuts every day

It has been well known that omega 3 fatty acids are healthy for the heart. But it is important to apply this knowledge, therefore we recommend that you include nuts in your daily diet. The study of Harvard scientists, which lasted 30 years, revealed that people who ate nuts every day were 20% less likely to die from an illness. Scientists have linked frequent consumption of nuts and better health, and explained it by the fact that this fruit is good for cholesterol balance.

Reduce the amount of meat in your diet

One study found that men and women who were healthy, become more susceptible to heart diseases or cancer, because they regularly eat red meat. Daily consumption of red meat increases risk of death by 13%, and the percentage is even higher (20%) if you regularly eat processed meat. You can replace meat protein with protein from other sources (dairy products, legumes), to reduce health risks.

Exercise regularly

Current effect of exercise is well known – an increase of endorphins, clearer mind, lower blood pressure… But what are the long-term benefits? Danish researchers believe that key to long life is jogging. “We can say with certainty that regular jogging prolongs life,” says researcher Peter Sknor. His research found that regular jogging extends the life of men for six or more years and women for five years or more. It is only two and a half hours of running per week!

Find inner peace

If you find a way to cope with stress and find your inner peace, you will live longer and healthier, according to a survey of the University of California-Davis. Researchers at the University have found that people who meditate regularly have higher levels of telomerase, an enzyme that is responsible for the extension of telomeres at the ends of chromosomes that affect aging. Other research has shown that if people suffering from cancer combine meditation with other healthy habits, they can extend the telomeres in a few years. In addition, meditation is a great way to fight stress and thus a positive effect on our health.

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