There are plenty of myths about weight loss. Our personal favourite is the celebrity weight loss stories. Did you know Charlotte Crosby dropped four dress sizes in a few months? It’s all thanks to her new exercise routine you can now buy on DVD. Mhm, and the personal trainer. Then there’s the dietician she probably hired and, don’t forget a few nips and tucks when it wasn’t working fast enough. You see there’s a myth you can lose that much weight by natural means in that amount of time and it’s nonsense. If someone’s lost that much weight something more than exercise is going on behind the scenes. Let’s look at some of other myths of weight loss as we try to discover whether it’s fact or fiction.


Myth: Sleep Helps You Lose Weight

True! Sleep really could help you lose weight. Scientists have shown that you really can lose weight faster if you get a good night’s rest each evening. You need around eight hours of sleep for your body to recuperate fully. During this time, you’ll be burning calories without doing any work at all. A lot of people also sweat during their sleep and lose weight this way too. Incredible yet true, if you want to lose weight you better get to bed early!



Myth: You Can Freeze Your Fat Off

There’s an expensive treatment for weight loss right now. “Scientists” or “health professionals” suggest you can lose weight by freezing it off. During this process, fat cells are targeted and chemically frozen. The dead cells fall away, leaving you looking thinner. That’s the idea but is it the truth? Well yes and no. In a way this does work. But you still have to eat healthily and exercise regularly for the process to have an effect. This is more of an elaborate way to speed up weight loss as opposed to causing it.


Myth: Corsets Will Give You The Perfect FigureWomen-use-a-corset-to-maintain-your-figure

Again, this is a mixed bag. Technically, you can use a corset to maintain your figure. Wearing it at night will help keep your body in the right shape. But this is more to do with posture than weight loss. People who use corsets for weight loss are going to be disappointed. They could even be seriously damaging their health. Research has shown that wearing corsets like this could damage your internal organs.

Myth: Organic Supplements Are Better For You

True. Organic supplements have almost unsurprisingly been shown to be better for you than man made substances. So, if you are taking protein shakes every morning, make sure it’s made from natural whey. You can read more about this on a post like Organic Whey Protein
Powder – Is It Just A Myth?
Spoiler alert: it isn’t!

Organic supplements


Myth: You Can Change Your Metabolism

Our final myth is based on a common misconception. While it’s true you can change your metabolism to increase weight loss it’s not as simple as many think. For instance, eating more won’t suddenly mean you develop more muscle. It’s all based on genetics. If you have a slow metabolism you can increase it, but not to the levels some people claim.