Crunches are the most hated, but also one of the most useful exercises. Everyone wants a flat and firm stomach. Fortunately, fitness experts have found a solution which, they claim, can replace a 1,000 crunches.

It is a static exercise where endurance is the key, because all the weight of the body is on the hands and toes, and the body is straight as an arrow.

While performing this exercise the body cannot move an inch. Plank is a sure way to get a flat and firm stomach, but it can also eliminate back pain, because strong abdominal muscles support the spine.

benefits of doing planks

If you perform this exercise several times a week for ten minutes you will achieve better results than if you were doing 1000 crunches.

You should do three sets of 60 seconds, every time.

exercise plan for plank workout

How to perform this exercise?

– Press your hands and knees on the floor so that your joints are aligned with the shoulders and back. The nose should be pointed toward the floor.

– Extend your right leg back so that the fingers are bent and then extend your left leg. Body weight should lie fully on the hands and toes.

– Squeeze the entire midsection and hold 20 to 60 seconds.

– Take a break. Put your knees on the floor and sit on your heels so that your knees are separated. Lower your torso so that your forehead is almost touching the floor. Fully extend your arms in front of you and relax.

– Repeat. Do three sets of 60 seconds. When planking becomes too easy for you, just increase your holding time.

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