Headache can occur when you least expect it and turn the easiest tasks into excruciating efforts. Essential oils will help get rid of the headache and reduce the need for analgesics.

Some of the oils may improve your mood and attention, and help you concentration, while on the other side, some of them can relieve headache and make you fall asleep.
We present to you the most famous essential oils that are used to treat headaches, worldwide.

Eucalyptus oil (lat. Eucalyptus radiata or Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalyptus oil contains significant amount of eucalyptol, oxide also known as 1,8-cineol, which has distinctively fresh and pleasant taste and smell. This compound has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates the cleansing of the nasal mucosa. Thanks to the above-mentioned abilities, eucalyptus oil is the most effective against headaches caused by sinuses inflammation.

Essential Oils for Headache

Lavender oil (lat. Lavandula)

Lavender is consisted of a high level of linalyl acetate and therefore has anti-inflammatory and calming properties. If you struggle with the evening or night headaches it would be best to use the lavender oil, because the necessary analgesic and hypnotic properties are already combined in the liquid.

Roman chamomile oil (lat. Chamaemelum nobile)

Roman chamomile is full of esters, which provide anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. This oil is particularly recommended for highly sensitive people who have a “short temper”. It has a calming effect and therefore is similar to the lavender oil.

Grapefruit oil (lat. Citrus paradisi)

Grapefruit oil enjoys a reputation of being a powerful diuretic, especially against constipation. It has been shown to be very effective in headaches caused by various frustrations, irritations and feelings of guilt. Clearing the mind, this oil relieves even the slightest pain as well as reduces the need for instant gratification.

Sandalwood oil (lat. Santalum album)

Sandalwood oil soothes and relaxes the central nervous system, so it beneficially affects headaches caused by mental tension, agitation and exhaustion. This fantastic oil provides the body with inner strength, which clears the mind and brings serenity back. Use it sparingly, because the sandalwood is on the list of endangered plants.

Peppermint oil (lat. Mentha piperita)

Peppermint is very rich in menthol, a natural compound best known for muscle relaxation, which, according to its beneficial properties, relieves headaches associated with tension. It is particularly useful in headaches associated with digestive and liver problems. Although it has a relaxing effect on the physical level, it stimulates psyche, so do not use this oil before bedtime.

Spearmint oil (lat. Mentha spicata)

Spearmint contains even more menthol than peppermint and therefore is more effective when it comes to headaches. Some aromatherapy specialists make a mixture of spearmint and peppermint oils to achieve a very strong therapeutic effect.

Lemon balm, jasmine and rosemary are also very useful and strong, natural remedies which can help you win the battle against headache. If you prefer their aroma, feel free to use them as well.

essential oil headache

How to use essential oils

The most popular technique of the essential oils’ application is massaging the temples, forehead and the back of your neck with some of oils or oily mixtures mentioned above.

In addition, you can use a piece of cotton that has been soaked in oil and smell it for a while, then you can spray the preferred oil in the room where you spend the most of your time, or you can try to put a few drops of the oil on your pillow.

It is also recommended that you prepare a scented bath, but keep in mind that you can get very sleepy if you spend too much time in warm water. So, if you want to stay up late, you should avoid hot baths.

A mixture of oils against severe headache

Fill two-thirds of the bottle with sweet almond oil and add the following ingredients:

  • six drops of lavender oil – against headache
  • twelve drops of peppermint oil – against headache
  • six drops of clary sage oil – against anxiety
  • six drops of chamomile oil – against insomnia

Close the bottle (you can do this with your finger too) and shake it, then close the bottle again.

When you are ready to use it put a few drops of your favorite oil on your fingers and massage your temples or any other painful spot on the head, such as forehead, the area between the eyebrows and both sides of the nose. Make sure you massage those spots in a gentle way.

While doing this treatment, apply a few drops on the back of your hands so you can inhale this soothing mixture during the massage.

The most common headache causes

A headache can be a consequence of a less severe disorders, but at the same time a symptom of a more serious disorder. Aromatherapy is very beneficial if applied in mild headaches that don’t happen so often, but is not able to cure the causes of frequent, chronic or severe headaches. If you suffer from such difficulties, consult your doctor.

Common headache causes are:

  • stress
  • fatigue
  • lack of sleep
  • alcohol abuse
  • use of certain medications
  • hunger
  • allergy
  • head injuries
  • dental diseases
  • neurological disorders

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