Many seek comfort in unhealthy foods when they are stressed out or anxious. If you are one of those people who open the fridge as soon as they feel frustrated or upset, so they could take their mind off anger, fear or disappointment, you need to be aware that you’ve made an even bigger problem.

The satisfaction that you feel while you overeat is temporary: you risk of entering into a vicious circle where you consume increasing amounts of unnecessary calories, in order to suppress emotions.

Here are a few amazing tips to help you avoid overeating and develop healthy habits when you’re under stress:

Increased levels of cortisol in our body, while we are under stress, boosts the desire for unhealthy sweet and savory foods.

Try to focus on how to prevent stress: Think positive and do not let stress to prevail! Learn breathing exercises, listen to your favorite music, and make sure you are surrounded by people you love…

Replace unhealthy meals with talking about things that bother you: confront your problems and instead of looking for comfort in sweets, talk to a friend.

Exercise! This is (and we guarantee) the best way to feel better, and at the same time it is much healthier than overeating.

But if you just cannot control yourself and the only solution is in unhealthy food, do yourself a favor and choose less harmful products. Prepare yourself “a stash of healthy snacks” and the satisfaction will be duplicated. Not only will you reduce stress with the help of food, but you will eat healthy and this fact will help improve your mood even more.

After that go for a run, a quick training, or a simple walk with your dear ones…

Ivan is a exercise enthusiast and has a great passion for healthy living. He is extremely dedicated, motivated and passionate towards achieving positive results and has a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals. His motto is "If we work together, the success will come twice as fast!" His mission is to provide others with nutrition and diet tips, workout advice and anything else that will help promote a healthier lifestyle.