Experts say that if banana is green and unripe, then it’s more beneficial for health. Why are the unripe bananas healthier than the ripe ones?

Green bananas contain vegetable fibers that are not digested, but slowly absorbed in the small intestine, while the large intestine bacteria don’t ferment the fibers. This process provides the body with energy.


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It means that bananas saturate our body in an easy way, which is not the case with other carbohydrates. In addition to that, unripe bananas are recommended as an excellent weight loss ally, because they stimulate the weight loss process with the help of the increased secretion of glucagon, a hormone that accelerates metabolism.

These tasty foods reduce the risk of colon cancer as well, since they enhance the development of healthy bacteria in it.

Green bananas contain about 12.5 grams of starch, yellow bananas contain about 4.7 grams, so experts suggest that daily intake of starch should be approximately 20 grams.

If bananas are less mature, they contain more vegetable fibers and are more suitable if you want to eat healthy.

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