We’ve all been there, struggling to lose those few extra pounds that just won’t go away. Here on Healthyfitnatural we have the best and easiest tips for you… So the countdown begins.


Surely most of you have heard, whether from your fitness instructor or from any other person, that with artificial pills of vitamin B12 your body gets a certain amount of energy that helps in speeding up the metabolism and thus help your body burn fat faster. According to experts, something like this should be avoided.


Some studies have shown that the majority of working people don’t have a healthy breakfast. If you want breakfast that has positive effects on your body and that will accelerate your metabolism, it is important that you pay attention to what’s on your plate. Eat a healthy breakfast.


We’ve all heard so many times that this kind of diet is actually the key to staying slim. An English study has shown, however, that there are no differences between those who eat two healthy meals a day and those who eat five smaller meals. Brunch in the form of a fruit is something that should be taken into consideration, because it helps to keep blood sugar levels normal and thus gives you the needed energy to get you through the day.

natural ways to burn fat


It is proven that chili peppers can be extremely helpful in fat burning process, because they belong to the group of antioxidants. According to the research the consumption of chili peppers will make you lose up to 50 calories a day and it will help you lose weight faster. So, start to enjoy this spicy food.


Two cups of green tea a day can help you burn excess body fat. With the regular consumption of green tea your body can burn up to 50 calories a day and it will also give you a feeling of satiety.


Women who are consuming milk or cheese 3-4 times a week lose about 70 calories more than those who avoid these products. Are you wondering if this is possible? Dairy products contain a high level of calcium and amino acid leucine which help in strengthening the muscles and thus burn fat faster.


Caffeine accelerates burning of calories. So if you want a faster metabolism make yourself a cup of coffee. Just be careful not to drink too much of it.


Foods high in protein like fish or chicken breast will help you in your fat burning process. High-protein food also contains high levels of amino acids that will help you develop your muscle tone, boost your metabolism and will provide a long-term feeling of satiety.


Most studies show that poor sleep quality disturbs the hormonal balance in the body and thus stimulates appetite. Increased appetite leads to unwanted weight gain. So, organize your life so that you have about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.


This type of training is best for burning excess fat. The more muscle you activate during training, the more fat you will burn. Of course, you just have to be careful with the weight and with the number of reps, since too much weight can damage the muscle.


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