Tanorexia is a new dangerous disease and it literally means – sun tanning addiction. Every girl wants to have that attractive bronze tan but they often forget that natural color of the skin shouldn’t be drastically changed.

The warm August evening in Madrid, a large number of people are spending time in the solarium, because even in sunny Spain the desire for tanning can easily turn into addiction.

The capital of Spain has 2,749 hours of sunshine a year, according to the local meteorological bureau. This, however, will not distract student Macarena Garcia from the UV radiation in a tanning bed. “My family doesn’t like it, they tell me that it’s not healthy… but they live by the beach. I work in the city and also want to be tanned,” said Garcia, coming out of the solarium in the center of Madrid. She is not the only one! Jose Manuel Rodriguez, a 36-year-old dancer, comes to the salon three times a week. He wants to keep his tan all year round. We can easily conclude that there is a large number of people which uses tan beds.

The term tanorexia was formed by the merging of the English word tan and the disease for conspicuous weight loss, anorexia.

So, what is tanorexia?

Tanorexia is strong physical addiction, such as anorexia. As anorexic will never be happy with the body weight, therefore tanorexic will never be satisfied with how tanned is the color of their skin, experts say.

Overexposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, unsightly stains, sunburns and other pathologies, experts warn!

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