Since you are already going to the seaside, why not use the benefits it provides. Not only the sea is great for fun and parties, but also has a very therapeutic effect. Here’s why:

The composition of sea water is similar to the human blood plasma, so it is easily absorbed into the body, because while we are in the water, our pores open. This allows the skin to absorb the sea minerals and remove harmful toxins from the body. Sea water contains plenty of elements that are essential to the human body – vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, and even amino acids. Swimming in the sea, which is full of beneficial compounds, activates cellular enzymes and thus encourages self-healing processes.


  • Sea water improves circulation and metabolism of the body, and even compensates for the loss of minerals caused by poor diet and stress.
  • Sea water has an analgesic and soothing properties and can even remove pain from certain parts of the body, or even the whole body.
  • Swimming in the sea helps in relieving stress, removes the effects of some diseases and strengthens our body.
  • Just staying in seawater increases mobility when it comes to musculoskeletal system diseases such as osteoporosis, rheumatism and arthritis.
  • It is known that sea air, especially in the early morning, helps with respiratory diseases: rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pharyngitis.
  • Sea bath acts as a beauty treatment, because it’s toning muscles and recovers skin, helps in weight loss and reduction of cellulite.

If you are not able to go to the seaside…

No big deal! Because you can use some of the benefits of the sea at home. For example, baths and wraps with medicinal algae and sea mud, supplements derived from seaweed and baths with sea salt. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory difficulties, you can always take advantage of the so-called salt rooms and enjoy the benefits of air with microparticles of the sea salt.

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