Cellulite, which is also known as orange peel, is almost every woman’s biggest nightmare. Even women who have slim and nice figure can face with this problem. You don’t need to buy expensive cosmetic products, but you can make homemade coffee peeling by yourself that will efficiently help you get rid of cellulite.

There is nothing a woman wouldn’t do in order to fight against orange peel and the cosmetic industry is very much aware of it. Just pay attention to the entire assortment of anti-cellulite products and their prices because you will wonder whether it is really worth it.

coffee peeling

There is equally the same homemade substitute for those products that can be prepared easily, without much effort and unnecessary expenses, so we present you coffee peeling. It is widely known that caffeine has anti-cellulite properties and because of this characteristic it is the main ingredient of this type of products. This peeling is used in many spa centers while performing anti-cellulite massages.

Both olive oil and honey can be replaced with certain substitutes such as baby oil and brown sugar.

How it’s made

Mix all the ingredients well until completely combined, put the paste in a jar and apply it after a shower or swimming in warm water. After your skin gets soft enough, rub the paste gently with circular movements on the areas affected by cellulite. Your skin will remain soft and gentle. Since the peeling itself keeps the skin warm for a long time after you do the massage, it is not recommended to do it during hot summer days.

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