This is an effective remedy against cysts, heart diseases and deposition of toxins. A combination of honey and houseleek can revitalize your body.

A basis of this powerful remedy is houseleek, an extremely beneficial plant, whose Latin name “Sempervivum” means “Always alive”.

Learn how to prepare this remedy below…

Houseleek and honey benefits

For the preparation of this medicinal beverage, you will need:

  • 300g of Houseleek leaves

  • 500 g of honey

Cut the plant in small pieces, mix it with honey and leave it like that for 2 to 3 days. Take a teaspoon of this medicine every morning on an empty stomach, at least two hours before breakfast.

This natural medicine has a number of positive impacts on your health. The Russians use it as a prevention of heart diseases, for metabolism acceleration, healing cysts and cleansing the body from toxins.

Keep in mind to consult your doctor prior to the use of any natural medicine.

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