Norovirus, which causes stomach flu, and is known in the UK by the name “winter vomiting bug”, can be transmitted via some objects that are used multiple times, such as shopping bags or shopping carts – the results are from one new study.

Researchers from Oregon investigated the viral outbreak among members of the women’s soccer team during a tournament. One girl, who is presumed to have been exposed to the virus before the tournament, vomited and had diarrhea in the bathroom. That bathroom was later used by her coach and shortly afterwards he felt the same discomfort.

The same thing happened with another 7 girls and 3 coaches, although none of them had any contact with the first girl. So, how did this happen? Researchers believe that one bag of crisps, which was located in the bathroom later on, is to blame for the infection outbreak.

“All patients were eating the same cookies from the same bag,” said Kimberly K. PR of the University of Health and Science in Oregon. So basically, the bag was the source of infection. And as we wonder how is that possible, we could ask something a bit different.

Basically our main question is: How exactly the highly contagious bacteria got into a cookie bag in the first place? The particles of saliva and feces can get into the air and reach the bags or other plastic object on which they can survive for weeks. Heard that? Bacteria can survive for weeks!

While researchers have long suspected such a thing is possible, this is the first small study that proves it.

To prevent illness it is highly recommended to throw away any food that has been near the patient and don’t keep the food in the toilet, scientists have double warned you!

You must thoroughly clean the area where the patient is located if you plan to use open plastic bags. Places where you are holding them should also be thoroughly cleaned.

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