This beneficial green vegetable contains many antioxidants and medicinal substances that can destroy free radicals, and is very efficient in the prevention of malignant diseases.

Broccoli is a famous vegetable and because of its exceptional medicinal and nutritional properties it is recommended from nutritionists, herbalists and also from doctors.

Medicinal ingredients

Broccoli is very rich in phytochemicals, and contains traces of calcium, iron, magnesium and significant quantities of sulfur, responsible for the characteristic aroma that we can smell during its preparation.

broccoli health benefits

These vegetables contain B group vitamins, especially vitamin B9, and vitamin C in the same quantities as in citrus fruits and peppers. Moreover, broccoli is a very rich source of plant fibers which are necessary for the functioning of the digestive tract. Broccoli is the best natural prevention of malignant diseases, and the official medicine recommends it as an essential component of everyone’s menu, especially for those who have cancer predisposition syndromes, because it reduces the risk by almost 50%.

A cure for all

This vegetable shows many other medicinal properties – it reduces cardiovascular disease and maintains the elasticity of blood vessels. In the case of ophthalmic diseases, broccoli shows exceptional results – it prevents presbyopia. Compress of this herb helps in the treatment of cataracts and conjunctivitis.

Due to the abundance of nutrients and vitamin C, broccoli boosts the immune system and helps the body to protect against influenza and viral infections, and is particularly recommended in the case of colds and sore throat, because it speeds up the healing process.

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