Maybe you are a fresh mom and you probably think that you will never again have time for yourself. But be honest, sure you must have extra 10 minutes of freedom per day, huh? Learn more about women fitness below…

It’s very simple and easy to start, because this exercise is designed for beginners. The main principle is that every day you should activate another muscle group. So, at the end of the week, you can be restful with knowing that you went around the whole circle and activated all the muscles.

Equipment: The mat (or carpet) and a chair. Dumbbells (or small bottles filled with water, or anything that you can hold in your hands).

Time: 10 minutes

Days: Monday-Saturday

Warming up and stretching: It is required at the beginning and at the end of the workout, especially stretching of those muscles that “worked” the most.


Routine: Just two exercises a day. Repeat the exercise A for 12 times, and immediately, without a break, continue with the exercise B for about 12 times. After a short break (P 60 sec), come back and do four of these series. This is called a superset (when you connect two different exercises in the series, and afterwards you make a break). It looks like this is for the mathematician moms 😀

4 x (12A+12B + P60sec)

These Healthy Fit Natural exercises are perfect for you, so don’t be lazy. Even if you’re  a BUSY mom, these exercises will help you a lot.


Chest and triceps

A: Push the weights up away from the ground – Dumbbell flyes

B: Push the dumbbells up away from your head

workout 1


Back and biceps

A: Rear delt flys with dumbbells on a chair

B: Standing alternate dumbbell curl

workout 2


The inner and outer thigh

A: Raise the outer (upper) leg

B: Raise the inner (lower) legs

workout 3


The front of the thigh and the hamstrings

A: Lift your buttocks

B: Deep squat with the parallel feet

workout 4


Shoulders and stomach

A: Push the dumbbells away from your shoulders

B: Raise your legs

workout 5


Buttocks and calves

A: Donkey kicks, lift one leg in the air

B: Standing calf raise

workout 6

And that’s it!

Perhaps not much, but it is probably more than what you managed to do so far?

It took you only 10 minutes to fly over this article, and that is how much time these exercises will actually take of your time. So, start from today, this is the least you can do after you have been caught reading this article. No more excuses! 😀


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