The seeds are extremely important in nutrition because they contain a high percentage of proteins, minerals and vitamins, enzymes, fats and carbohydrates. Nuts and seeds are the energy of all plants and they contain all the nutrients that are essential for plants growth and development. They are very energy-rich and are especially recommended with stress problems and when exceptional intellectual activities are needed.

Walnut originates from Mediterranean. The core comprises of 55-65% of oil, 15% of proteins and 15% carbohydrates. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B and C. Early fruit is extremely rich in vitamin C, and is used for the preparation of medicinal teas.

The medicinal properties of nuts: It purifies the blood, treats lung and intestinal diseases, inflammation of mucous membranes of the eyes, destroys intestinal parasites, improves eyesight.


Hazelnut is the next most valuable walnut energy supplier. The core contains 60% oil, 15% protein, 10% carbohydrates, 4 mg iron, potassium, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin E.

Healing properties of hazelnut: It can be used against jaundice, varicose veins, pneumonia, low blood pressure, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, for the removal of toxins from the body. Hazelnut is also great for the preparation of medicinal teas.

Almond comes from Asia but is mostly found in the Mediterranean. There are sweet almond and bitter almond, with the bitter almond poison. 100 g of almonds contain 20% protein, 50% lipids, 17% of glycidyl, then potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamin B3.

Healing properties of almonds: can be used for anti-ulcer and heartburn, nervous fatigue, bowel disease, cholesterol, heart disease, to normalize blood pressure. It is used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Seeds generally contain a high percentage of phosphorus, 20 times more than the fish meat, which is known for its high amount of phosphorus.

Golice is a special kind of pumpkin seeds that has no shell. It can be eaten raw, dried or roasted. Golice contains protein (40%), saturated fatty acids (40%), calcium, phosphorous, iron, pectin, linoleic (the oil contains 45%), and oleic acid, 90 mg of vitamin E.

Medicinal properties of golice: treat prostate, improves the proper secretion of hormones, anti-oxidant, for expelling tapeworms. Those of gray-green lining shouldn’t be mixed because there are most curative ones.

Sunflower seeds are still used by American Indians. They contain 24% protein, 20% carbohydrate, 47.3% oil, then, phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, zinc, magnesium, niacin, vitamins A, D, E (80 mg), B3 and vitamin B12.

Medicinal properties of sunflower: anticancer and antiviral.

Peanuts must be fried or baked in the oven. It contains 26% protein, 18.6% carbohydrates, 47.5% oil, thiamine, linoleic acid, niacin. It is not recommended to eat peanuts every day, because it can cause high blood pressure and nose bleeding. As for diabetics, they can take as much as they want. It has medicinal properties against depression.

Sesame is extremely rich in calcium and iron. You can use these pale yellow color seeds as a seasoning, dough products and pastries. They are especially used in Oriental cuisine. The extraordinary flavor is a must try. If you have a little sesame at home, try it fried on low heat. Besides white, there are also brown and black sesame seeds.

The medicinal properties of sesame seeds: If you lack calcium you can mix a tablespoon of sesame with 0.5 dl of yoghurt and leave it overnight. In the morning eat on an empty stomach.

Gomasio is a spice that is obtained from sesame seeds and sea salt. Sesame is washed well and fried in a well heated dry pan over low heat. It is best to fry and cool separately, when the sesame is added. The mass is then kneaded with the pestle in a special Suribachi bowl or mortar.

Medicinal properties of gomasio: relieves fatigue, strengthens the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, fights against headache, nausea, vomiting and seasickness.

Flaxseed is one of the largest sources of natural lignin and omega-3 fatty acids, and hence has anticancer property of a natural blood thinner and helps prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, stroke, thrombosis, psoriasis, arthritis, kidney stones and gallstones (chew a teaspoon of raw seeds for 30 minutes in the morning, on an empty stomach), constipation (soak the seeds in warm water, previously boiled, and let to stand for 6 hours; consume whole mass before bedtime). The widest use is as an addition to whole grain bread and rolls.

Medicinal properties of flaxseed: acts as a laxative, expectorant, helps in the treatment of asthma and chronic cough.

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It’s usually a problem for many people to make roasted peanuts by themselves, without blowing up something. Put 2 kg of peanuts in the baking pan, sprinkle with a bit of water and stir them with your fingers. Peanuts shouldn’t be soaked, just a little bit wet. Add salt, if you have fine sea salt that’s great, and then stir with your fingers one more time. Again, add just a bit of salt. Preheat the oven to 220 ° C and put in a baking pan. Reduce the temperature to 200 ° C for 15 min. Turn off the heat and make sure it is roasted. Usually it doesn’t take much time, so you can live it in the turned off oven. You can always estimate the roasting time. Remove from oven and let it cool. Serve warm or chilled, and don’t peel thin red membrane because it contains vitamins, especially those of group B.

Other seeds are prepared similarly, except that it takes less time to roast them (sunflower, tickles, sesame seeds…) Soy should be washed and left overnight to swell.

Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are prepared like peanuts. Hazelnut is not salty. Almond prefers hot water, leave them for 10-15 minutes and peel off the skin. Then season with salt and bake in the oven just like the other seeds, or in a saucepan on the stove, with constant stirring.

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