There is an old belief that everything that enters our body affects our appearance. Beauty care products, originating from the East, are based on nutrients such as soy, bamboo, green tea, ginseng and lemon balm. Yoga, acupuncture and especially Asian food, which is known to be useful and helpful when dealing with numerous diseases, are more popular than ever.


As a basic ingredient of Asian medicine, ginseng is primarily used to improve memory and blood circulation, increase endurance and lower the level of bad cholesterol. According to legend, ancient Chinese emperors mixed ginseng root with lotions and soaps to treat various illnesses. Ginseng is also very famous for improving skin elasticity.

beauty secrets from the east

Green tea

Tea in general is an integral part of Asian culture, as evidenced by centuries-old tradition of serving this beverage. When it comes to its health benefits, this tea reduces the risk of cancer, while studies show that it has rejuvenating and beneficial effect on our skin. It’s good to know that green tea extract relieves skin inflammation and irritation after being exposed to the excessive sunlight, as well as the inflammation that occurs as a result of rosacea.


Not much is known about the fact that this plant, which has been widely used in landscape architecture, furniture and construction industry, has also been used in Chinese medicine for a long time, for treating many diseases, including fever and asthma. The bamboo extract has hydrating role in skin care and also dissolves “the glue” that holds dead cells layer on the skin surface and accelerates the process of regeneration.

Lemon balm

According to Ayurveda, this plant has a lemony scent and that’s where the name comes from. Lemon balm calms the central nervous system and stimulates digestion. In Thailand, it’s equally used in both nutrition and skin care.


Asian spirit made of rice is best kept secret of Eastern beauty care. Sake has been used in Asian beauty rituals for more than 3000 years. According to certain claims, the benefits of sake were first noticed by one Japanese priest.

He noticed that hand skin of the workers, who made rice liquors, was soft and tight, unlike their wrinkled faces. Much later, scientists have confirmed sake’s beneficial properties and managed to isolate a byproduct of fermentation that accelerates skin regeneration. It represents a combination of vitamins, proteins and amino acids.


According to the Indonesian tradition, fertility goddess Dewi Sri is displayed with rice grains in her hand, which symbolizes prosperity, wealth and health. Rice extract restores moisture, reduces dry skin and calms inflammation. The rice shell is an ideal exfoliating agent, which also contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids that fill “the gapes” between cells and strengthen skin protective barrier.


This legume is one of the basic ingredients of Asian food. Soy contains a substantial amount of antioxidants and proteins, which make a good protection against skin cancer and also reduce hyperpigmentation. Scientists claim that soya protein can stop the process of pigmentation and thus affect the withdrawal of dark spots on the skin (such as sunspots) during the natural process of regeneration. It’s important to mention that soya doesn’t bleach the skin, but stops the process of creating excess pigment.


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