No matter what culture they belong to and what country they live in, women still tend to be better and more beautiful than they are. Women around the world are taught to emphasize their beauty in different ways, therefore the beauty rituals vary from country to country, and each woman has her own special secret formula that always makes her shine.


According to them, the skin should be light and soft, but to achieve this effect there is a great amount of various creams, ranging from sunscreen and moisturizer to those for skin lightening. To protect their soft and bright complexion, they also use umbrella which is the indispensable accessory.

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Beautiful hair is the most important part of an Indian woman’s beauty. Indian women cherish and take a good care of their thick, long hair primarily with various oils, making it neat and beautiful.


Russian women’ secret ingredient is ground coffee, which they use for maintaining their delicate skin and rosy cheeks. Gentle massage of the face with a wet powder makes the skin smooth and healthy.


Brazilian women are the first in the world when it comes to polished nails. Polished nails are simply an indispensable imperative in this country and the most frequently used ones are bright nail polish colors. Besides the nails, Brazilians are also proud of their firm and taut skin and they strongly believe that it is never early enough to start with prevention of wrinkle emergence. Most of them begin with this treatment at the age of 20.

North America

American women swear that maple syrup is the most responsible for their soft lips. This thick, sweet syrup is also used for treating the rough skin on elbows and knees.


The olive oil is the greatest, best kept secret of Italian women’ beauty, which is used for treating all skin types, as well as for dry and cracked hair.


As Africans struggle with dry hair and scalp, they prefer treating their hair with oil rather than water.

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