The change of seasons and sudden weather changes can often be a main cause for colds and respiratory diseases. One of the main signs of respiratory infections is a persistent cough, which is why we sought advice from a specialist.

What are the characteristics of dry and wet cough?

Dry cough occurs as a result from direct damage to the upper respiratory tract. Respiratory viruses are responsible for that, and the “wounded” mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is the result. The nerve endings that transmit the irritation (cough receptors) remain bare. One of the most common causes for coughing is mucus that drains down the back of the throat from the nose, where it “sticks” and the body is trying to get rid of it. Then a coughing fit follows, but nothing comes out, so this irritates the throat which can cause vomiting. Another type of cough occurs when the lungs (bronchi) are full of secretion, so we are ”ejecting” it with the help of a cough.

Does every moist cough comes from lungs?

No. Abundant and mucous secretion from the nose and the “upper parts” of the throat can get stuck in the throat and windpipe, so we are experiencing wet cough, although there’s nothing in the lungs. This gives a false picture of a productive cough, but it is actually a hacking cough.

What is the best cough remedy?

There’s one simple medical rule: you don’t treat the cough, but its cause. Therefore it is very important to set the right diagnosis of the disease that is followed by coughing. When the underlying disease is cured, the cough will stop.

Does herbal medicine syrup helps?

It does. It can be used even without medical examination, if the cough occurs without high temperature and without rapid breathing difficulties. This is probably the “drainage” cough case, due to a viral inflammation of the nose and throat. Marshmallow syrup was used for centuries as a cough remedy for cough caused by inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Marshmallow syrup coats the mucous membrane of the throat, covering the bare nerve endings and helps the body to cope with dry cough.

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