If your budget for buying cosmetics force you to buy a multifunctional products then you should think more about baby powder. Yes, this product have many practical purposes. It will help you when you don’t have enough time to wash your hair or when you need your lipstick to last a little bit longer. But that’s not all! Learn other uses of baby powder:

Increases lash volume

Apply a thin layer of baby powder on the lashes, between coats of mascara. It will add length and volume to your lashes. In addition, if your mascara has a liquid formula, and it’s not too thick, baby powder will prevent the mascara to get smeared, says an expert on beauty, Christine Maral.

Dry cleaning of hair

You’ve probably already heard for this trick. Put some baby powder on your fingertips, rub it into hair root and then comb the entire length of hair. Baby powder will absorb the excess fat from the top of the head and increase the volume.

Removes the shine from skin

Gary Barnes, owner of LesBijouteries.com, claims that baby powder has a better effect than most of the powders. He learned this little trick from one photographer.

Small layer of baby powder will remove unnecessary glow on face when you’re in front of a camera.

Powder absorbs the sweat from face and reduces shine, especially for people with darker skin tone because darker skin reflects more shine in front of cameras, said Gary Barnes.

Lipstick will last longer

When you need your make-up to last longer than usual, you should apply a thin layer of baby powder between two layers of lipstick. After the first layer of lipstick, place a handkerchief on lips and pick up excess, then brush to apply a thin layer of powder. Then reapply lipstick.

Removes odor inside the shoe

You don’t have time for a quick shower after gym and a quick cleaning of your shoes and sweaty feet? Disgusting! You can at least put some baby powder in your shoes to absorb sweat and odors. Fast solution… but not recommended.

It is proven once more: What’s good for your baby it’s good for you!

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