Despite being one of the most represented foods on a dinner table, you should avoid white bread because it can be very harmful.

White bread has a high caloric and low nutritional value, you should avoid it or eat in small amounts. One slice of white bread (100 grams) has 250 calories, and four pieces make up almost half the daily recommendation (2,000 kcal) for the majority of the female population. People who have problems with excess weight will ruin any chance of losing weight in this way. White bread or bread made from wheat flour type 400 or 500, have a high glycemic value and it is full of salt. Therefore it’s not recommended for people who are prone to diabetes and suffering from hypertension.

White bread contains a high percentage of sugar and cannot help satisfy the long-term hunger, which is the reason why you often feel hungry after eating this bread.

A new study, presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Bulgaria, suggests that people who eat higher amounts of white bread are prone to obesity.

Scientists came to this conclusion by examining eating habits and weight of more than 9,200 students.

Professor Miguel Martinez Gonzales of the University of Navarre followed the subjects for five years. He found that those who ate three slices of white bread per day were 40 percent more likely to be obese than those who ate smaller amounts of these foods, or completely avoided it.

White bread is made from refined flour, which body cannot absorb easily.

“It’s like eating a lot of sugar,” says Martinez Gonzales. “The problem is similar to that when you have sweet beverage, since the sugar in the body is rapidly transformed into fat”.

He added that the research doesn’t show a direct cause and relationship between the consumption of white bread and weight gain, rather than just a strong connectivity.

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