Many people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we need to pay special attention to it and avoid these four common mistakes we’re used to make every day.

Skipping breakfast

Some people believe they will consume fewer calories if they skip their breakfast, but they aren’t aware of the consequences. In people who often skip breakfast, the brain centers connected with the “rewards” get activated when seeing images of high-calorie foods – these are precise results inferred by the Imperial College London researchers.

It literally means that if you don’t have breakfast, you will irresistibly be attracted to sweets, in particular, and it is most likely that you will recoup ”missed” calories by eating junk food throughout the day, which is incomparably worse than having a quality breakfast. So, start having breakfast regularly, without any remorse. If the morning rush doesn’t let you have a proper breakfast, bring at least a piece of fruit or a high quality, energy-boosting snack containing cereal, honey, nuts and dried fruit.


You eat a lot of high-sugar foods in the morning

A combination of coffee and donut, muffin or any other sweet cake is the most typical morning option, in many countries, but the donut and the muffin you eat in the morning probably contain more sugar than you need for the whole day. For example, the typical American muffin contains 44 grams of sugar. If you also sweeten your coffee, then you will enter even more sugar into your body. The American Heart Association recommends that you shouldn’t consume more than 24 grams of added sugar a day (added sugar is not the one we enter into our organism through balanced meals – bread, fruits, vegetables, etc. but the one we enter consuming unhealthy sweets and other processed foods). This doesn’t mean that you should drink bitter coffee and go to work, but instead of eating unnecessary sugar, you can have a cup of coffee and eat a portion of oatmeal or muesli combined with one or two bars of dark chocolate (containing 70% cocoa or more). You can achieve just as same effect by adding bananas, dried figs or date palms into your morning porridge.

You don’t eat as much as you should

There is a small percentage of people who eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per day, and according to the American organization for the health improvement, it’s recommended to eat 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables daily. So, even if you eat a piece of black bread with butter and egg for breakfast, which is very nutritious and healthy, it is likely that you will skip the fruits later in the day. It is best to eat a piece of fruit such as banana, apple, pear or orange on an empty stomach, and then eat breakfast.

Your breakfast is too poor

Morning rush is the main reason why people usually don’t eat enough in the morning. However, breakfast is still the most important daily meal. Israeli researchers have found that overweight people, who eat more calories for breakfast than for dinner, lose their weight more easily, I. e., they maintain the desired body weight easily, although the total number of calories entered throughout the day is the same. So, it is better to have hearty and varied breakfast than a high-calorie dinner.


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