Going through pregnancy doesn’t just mean you have to consider your own health – you have the health of your child to consider too! Taking proper care of both of you, from start to end, will ensure that you have a healthy, happy birth when the time comes. So, it’s time you did a bit of brushing up – and for that, you’re in the correct place. Below, you’ll find 8 quick, simple tips that will help make those 9 months as easy and stress-free as possible. Best of luck!




Wear your seatbelt – carefully

Some ladies will neglect theirs – but this is a mistake. You’re still vulnerable to the dangers of rapid braking and any bumps that the car may sustain. Wear your belt! Pregnant women should sit as far away from the airbag as possible, and position the shoulder part of the seatbelt over their collar bone. Never place the lap portion above the abs; keep it just above the hips, below your stomach.


Prenatal vitamins

These vitamins help to get vital nutrients to your baby from the very start of your pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are commonly available over the counter, or you can get them prescribed by a doctor.




Beware certain medications

You’re still a regular old human being during your pregnancy, and that means you might still fall ill from time to time. When that happens, you may want to take some regular old medication to combat headaches, sickness and colds – but be careful here. One of these medications – Zofran – has been the cause of many a Zofran lawsuit, with evidence linking it to birth defects. Discuss your options with your doctor beforehand, and only use medication as a last resort.


Basic exercise

Basic sports like yoga and pilates help control your weight and improve circulation. Your happiness is directly linked to your child’s, so stay positive!


Avoid smoke and secondhand smoke

Smoking and smoke aren’t good for you at the best of times, and they’ll do even more harm to you and your baby during pregnancy. Avoid where possible! Don’t go to bars and pubs that don’t have a strict no-smoking policy.




Cancel certain chores

This is where the hubby comes in handy! Certain activities just aren’t suitable for you to undertake while you’re pregnant, so update your chores list. Scrub off anything that exposes you to chemicals, heavy lifting, climbing on ladders and standing for long periods.


Look after your feet!

It’s no secret that you’ll slap on a few pounds when you’re pregnant. This throws off your center of gravity and builds up pressure that’s applied to your feet. Over time, this can grow painful and result in blisters and swollen ankles.

So go shoe shopping! Ditch the heels, and wear shoes that are flat and comfortable. Think slippers and pumps, and choose a larger size so you have more wiggle room.




Don’t drink alcohol

It’s unlikely you’ll still be going clubbing, but in all situations, avoid alcohol. I’d recommend buying plenty of non-alcoholic beverages – non-alcoholic wine and beer do exist! You can get that taste with none of the negatives.