Compulsive nail biting is more common than we think, and anyone who has this nasty habit knows very well how difficult it is to get rid of it. There are many triggers that can cause nail biting, stress, boredom, anxiety, and whatever is the reason you should do something about it.

Besides that this is a habit that nobody likes, nail biting can be dangerous to our health and may cause nail deformation, skin infections, dental problems, stomach problems, and even a viral infection caused by constant finger licking.

stop biting nails

How to make nail biting a thing of the past:

  1. Twice a day dip your fingers in oil (olive, castor, fish or tea tree oil) for 20 minutes
  2. Apply Tabasco sauce on your nails
  3. Rub your fingers with hot peppers
  4. Dip your fingers in vinegar (for about five minutes)
  5. Dip your fingers in lemon juice (for about five minutes)
  6. Rub your fingers with garlic
  7. While you are at home, cover your finger nails with plaster or duct tape

Important notes:

– Oils are full of nourishing nutrients so they are excellent for nail care and for cuticles. If you want to increase the effect, add Tabasco sauce or chili powder until it becomes unbearable and therefore more useful.

– Be careful not to touch your eyes and be careful around children and pets.

– Keep your nails neat without rough edges, so you would not be tempted to bite them.

– Keep fresh carrots, celery and even ice in the fridge, so when you have a biting desire you have these hard foods instead of your nails.

Oils and patches are a better option in this case.

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