Yes, I’m here. I have managed to reach my ultimate high yet again when my weight is in question. I knew there was a genuine chance it can get far worse, a concept I refuse to adopt, ever. I admit, I had just given up. I dropped the healthy regime of many years and basically ate and lived the stressed and immobile life.

Mindfullness in a field


I sorely needed to motivate myself to get back on the right path, and I was certain my overall negative attitude was inhibiting my recuperation. The weight loss of a reasonably healthy person can start only when you decide to do so, and this thinking stems from your positive belief in yourself. I’ll share what has helped me, so perhaps you can see a trace of yourself in it and get inspired.


1. Ancient wisdom

I was rather a sceptic about this when I first heard of Reiki. My friend mentioned it to me after I consistently complained about my splitting headaches. It worked, so I transplanted the technique to other spheres of my life as it can also diminish the stress levels and motivate. You “command” your body that you’re well. Choose three positive and relevant phrases, lie down and repeat three times while breathing slowly. Can you feel the pleasant tingle and relaxation?


2. Healthy food and healthy people

As an involuntary member of the PMDD club (the PMT’s evil, ugly sister), I struggle with a variety of symptoms. The vicious circle of having food affect my mood and my mood affect the horrid food cravings is just relentless. I took it as a “medical” prescription to eat healthy to stay sane, and on the most of the days, I managed. I found some great health role models among my gals in the PMDD group, and they are true fighters!



3. Tons of sleep

You know that sensation of uneasiness and jitter when you wake up having slept way less than enough? It can spoil your day entirely if you let it since more often than not we instinctively jump to sweets section to try to fix the problem. On top of that, I read scientific studies linking diabetes to sleep deprivation. Say no more! Sleep also brilliantly acts as a general recovery of the body and the mind.


4. Tidy up and love

“Abandon all hope ye who enter here,” states the inscription at the entrance of Dante’s Inferno. The hell must be a messy place since I know that clutter in my room positively makes me feel helpless. So much that it affects my ability to do anything. Tidy up your interior and let in the sunshine of positive mindset. Instil a loving policy, let the grudges go, help others, teach, laugh, it truly has a therapeutic effect. Accept and love yourself as you are and evict the detrimental self-loathing that so easily leads to overeating.magic-creativity-paper


5. The magic of support

I wish that some of my friends that live near me were as eager to start a healthy life and persevere with me. Sadly, not the case here. Instead, I explored a novel concept to me. I was searching for more organised support groups and found one that helped me a lot. I have visited an excellent spiritual retreat in Australia, to my humble opinion. Their 14-day pure detox programme was truly a rebirth of my whole being and left me pumped up for weeks.


6. Don’t overthink it

If you’re naturally a chronically suspicious person and more prone to distrust and quashing theories like myself, this ones for you. Just devise a solid plan and stick to it, unless it shows genuine medical problem, but it often doesn’t. The moment we weigh ourselves, and the scale is not showing satisfactory outcome, that’s when the doubt creeps in. Dispel it with improved plan and just keep going.

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7. Know thyself

Following the inadvertent Renaissance cameo comes the savviness of the Greeks: Know thyself. First of all, establish yourself as a person not ruled by food, the person who CAN and WILL press on with their nutrition plan. Also, steer clear of browsing for mouth-watering pictures, it just hinders the process. Body wise, remind yourself what real signs of hunger are and learn to act accordingly.


What can I tell you? The journey is never easy, and with food as with many things in life, the journey never stops. The key is to believe.


Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favorite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. Marie loves to share her experiences and talk about practical solutions. She is an avid lover of photography and regular author at several blogs.