What you eat in private eventually is what you wear in public. Eat clean, look lean” – Bonnie Ptiester.

In today’s time and age wherein we can get everything as immediately as possible (fast cars, fast internet, and fast food), it can be rather easy to gain weight…rather fast as well. This, complemented by an individual’s sedentary lifestyle would pose a very precarious health risk which would be obesity. Obesity remains to be one of the world’s pressing health-related problems and as long as people would continue to scarf down unhealthy processed and “quick” and fast foods, this global epidemic would continue to grip and plague the world.

However, some people who are afflicted with this common health problem would likely want immediate results in weight loss. The problem lies in their unwillingness to put in the effort and dedication needed in order to truly achieve this. But as the health platitude goes, “Weight gain does not happen overnight, neither does weight loss”, this adage should be sufficient enough to those who are willing to make the necessary changes and compromises. Know that weight loss takes more than just an errant thought of a lifestyle change—it takes a commitment. And if you strive to be healthy, it would take a lifelong commitment on your part. After all, most diseases are caused by an individual’s excess weight and medical insurances do not come cheap nowadays, so it is best to keep these health risks at bay by practicing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to lose weight healthily, take a gander below and incorporate these practices into your life.

tips to lose weight


If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and would maintain a high-calorie intake, you are only succeeding in adding more pounds than getting rid of them. Additionally, your metabolism will dip and cause it to go haywire making burning fat a bit harder and slower than usual. Should you introduce or increase the amount of exercise you do, you will most certainly lose weight. This does not mean you should immediately sign up for a gym membership (Although, it would certainly be beneficial if you did), there are a multitude of ways to lose weight such as a simple twenty-minute walk, intense cycling and running. All these activities would drastically improve your fitness levels.


When you are overweight, chances are you are eating more than what your body can systematically burn. Losing weight means you would have to change your eating habits. In fact, there has been a research that has showed effective results in losing a sizable amount of weight just in seven days and only through a vegetable soup diet. However, for those of you who do not want to restrict their nutritional intake to pure liquids, there are other compromises you can make. To start, eating less junk food with no nutritional value is one. Chips, crisps, candies and other sort of sweets should be eliminated from your diet or should be taken only in moderation. Additionally, have smaller portions of the food you enjoy, curb your alcohol intake and avoid a second helping during dinner time. These are just some of the small dietary changes you can make to help you lose weight.


Like this article has stated above, you cannot expect results right away. Be patient with your weight loss journey; take it step by step, slowly and gradually and eventually, you will start to notice some results. Motivation is one of the aspects you may be lacking when it comes to strict dieting and maintain a healthy exercise regime, you may fall of the wagon at times and that is okay. Just remember to get back on and remember why you started this in the first place.


One of the failsafe ways to control what you eat is to note it down in a journal or a food diary. Take stock of what food you had throughout the day and note down how you felt right after eating it (full, satiated, hungry, etc.). This will help you keep track of your eating habits and will easily get you right back on track should you tend to eat unhealthily.

emotional eating is not healthy


Emotional eating happens. If people ate only when they were hungry, then the world would not be so copiously populated with overweight people. However, we tend to eat our feelings and this is very much a reality especially when we are stressed, lonely and depressed or just low on energy. Instead of eating away your feelings, find healthier ways to calm yourself such as listening to energizing music, reaching out to others or taking your dog out for a walk. Anything is infinitely better than reaching for the refrigerator door when you are feeling down.


People are chronic and notorious multitaskers that they have this tendency to zone out while they eat. This should not be the practice as you tend to eat more if you are not paying attention to what you are eating and how you are currently feeling when you do. Your body tends to give off signals of feeling satisfied long before you have noticed it which is why it is imperative to take time in between bites rather than scarfing down an entire meal right away.


Remember that there are always off days wherein you would feel very much deprived especially when you are not seeing results as fast as you would have wanted to. When this occurs, the temptation to fall back to the old unhealthy habits can become overwhelming, but remember that this is just a state of mind and that when given enough dedication, you can surely lose the weight and keep it off as well. Remember, you alone control your thoughts, show yourself that you can be stronger than mindless temptations.

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are both rewarding commitments you can make. Not only will you look better, but you will be feeling better as well. Incorporate these changes into your lifestyle and pledge to become healthier for a better outlook in life.

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