There is no person who doesn’t like bananas! This miracle fruit is a everyones favourite, regardless of age or any other criteria, and is most loved by athletes. Bananas owes its popularity not only to delicious taste but also to a number of health benefits.

It has been shown that it is wiser and better to eat one banana than to drink any energy drink. The banana affects dopamine levels better than any energy drink, and also retains the high level of it an hour after eating this fruit. Normally, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that directly affects our mood. Doctors and nutritionists recommend a daily intake of one banana for better health and improved immunity, and this will certainly come in handy in fighting colds and viruses.


These fruits are not only tasty, but also very pleasing to the health, and some problems are solved better with bananas than with medicines.

Here’s what benefit bananas bring…

A very good source of energy. Banana provides energy almost immediately after eating, and is particularly used by athletes.

It helps to reduce stress. It contains tryptophan and amino acids that contribute to maintaining a good mood. In addition, it contains potassium and magnesium which contribute to the relaxation.

Helps to maintain normal blood pressure. Since it contains a large amount of potassium, banana is a natural help in regulating high blood pressure.

Positive contributions to blood. Since it contains a lot of iron, it help with raising the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Contributes to the health of the stomach. Bananas have a slimy layer which protects the stomach lining. In addition, it also tends to reduce the acidity.

Helps bowel movements. Banana is an excellent source of fiber and helps regulate bowel habits (constipation solving).

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