Fingernails grow about 0.9 mm per week, 2-3 mm per month and it takes about six months to regenerate. There are also variations in the rate of nail growth. It’s interesting that nails grow almost two times faster by day than by night, as well as in summer as compared to the winter.

The appearance of your nails tells a lot about both your hygiene and health. Nutrition greatly affects the nail quality. Therefore the foods rich in vitamins D and E should be included in the daily diet. Keep in mind to improve the intake of calcium too, because it stimulates nail growth and strength.

nail care

Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and food rich in both iron and proteins keep the nails strong, which also applies to carrot juice and mint tea.

6 natural nail care remedies:

Sunflower oil

Put 0.6 dl of sunflower oil into a glass bottle, add five drops of vitamin A and four drops of iodine tincture, shake it gently and apply it to your nails twice a day.

Olive oil

Treating the nails with amino acids is a true blessing. It’s enough to keep the nails soaked into a warm oil for about 10 minutes. This therapy should be done every other day until the nails regain their strength and smoothness.

Vegetable oil

Pour a lukewarm vegetable oil in a bowl and add five drops of lemon juice. You should soak your nails in this liquid twice a week.


Take an onion, cut it in half and polish the nails on a daily basis. It’s also possible to make the onion juice and rub it in the nails.


Heat the milk in a small pot, soak your hands in it and hold for 5 minutes. Thanks to the lactose and natural alpha-hydroxy acids, which gently remove dead skin cells, this treatment help the nail strengthen and hydrate.


Make a combination of hard-boiled egg yolk and 4 g of beeswax, melt the mixture and add a bit of peach oil. Stir it slowly until it gets creamy, then let it cool down and put into a small jar. Rub the resulting cream on your nails every night and put on cotton gloves.

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