Green fruit and vegetable beverages can be consumed instead of any meal, and if you choose one of them, you will do your body a big favor.

Fruits and green veggies can have a healing effect on our body. Practically, they all contain a minimum of calories and at the same time are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Here is what you need to do: mix fruits and vegetables in a blender until you get a homogeneous mixture and, if necessary, add a bit of water if the drink is too dense.

Healthy Fit Natural will now introduce six varieties of green drinks for detoxification:

Apple + Avocado + Lettuce + Kiwifruit

Apple, avocado and kiwifruit beverage is a surprisingly well supplement if mixed with lettuce leaves. Due to the very low caloric value (lettuce is one of the top ten dietetic foods) it has properties that recover metabolism and cleanse the body. It is also full of iron.

Cucumber + Parsley

This is an excellent and very light drink for the evening. Cucumber is 90% water, so thanks to this feature this drink is excellent for drinking during the hot summer days. If you add a few leaves of parsley, you can get a fantastic combination of freshness and different benefits.


Apple + Cucumber + Lime

Lime not only contributes to the elimination of toxins from our body, but also has a calming effect on the nervous system, improves overall health and basically improves your mood.

Pepper + Lemon juice

At first glance, it is a rather unusual combination. But it is pretty easy to make.

The content of B group vitamins in green peppers helps to combat stress, soothes and improves memory. If you’re constantly feeling chronic fatigue, this drink is for you.

Broccoli + apple + lime

Don’t forget, the beneficial properties of broccoli are impossible to overestimate. This type of vegetable has a high protein content, which makes it indispensable for vegetarians. Moreover, broccoli is an excellent substitute for meat, and when it’s hot outside we do not want to eat heavy food.

Broccoli is an excellent dietary product that helps our body to get rid of the heavy metals.

Celery + Apple

This is the kind of beverage that you can make whenever you want. Celery – a very healthy vegetable. It is believed that it is an excellent toxin cleaner, has almost no fat and has a calming effect.

This celery and apple beverage is an excellent substitute for breakfast, and a perfect snack choice.

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