Intolerance to certain foods can cause symptoms such as bloating, gas, pain and stomach spasms, lack of energy, respiratory problems, migraines, and many others.

Blood type has nothing to do with intolerance and dietary practices in general

The book “Nutrition by genotype,” by bestselling author Peter D’Adamo, popularized the thesis according to which each of the four blood types must use specific diet in order to detect which food causes intolerance.

It has already long been debated, and many well-known nutritionists have rejected this kind of testing, until it was recently finally dismissed as a possibility with a study that completely denies it. In a sample of 1,455 respondents this study found no evidence by which it could be concluded that the blood type diet is in any way connected with intolerance. Also, intolerance tests conducted on a sample of hair or skin are not reliable as well.

Novak Djokovic stopped with intake of gluten and dairy products

Once he changed his diet and eliminated dairy products and food that contains gluten, it turned out to be an excellent move and improved his health. Organism stops with bloating, fatigue and other symptoms of food intolerance and food allergies. He recommends to everyone to do the same.


If a person is sensitive to gluten and if there is no shortage of the enzyme lactase, there is no need to stop with dairy products. Eat only “gluten free” foods.

How to find out which food bothers you?

It can be very difficult to find an appropriate conclusion which food bothers you and what combinations of foods are causing all the undesirable symptoms, because many pathogens can cause the same symptoms.

The best approach will be to apply what professional nutritionist tells you. He will give you instructions for keeping food diaries and monitor the reaction of your body in the long run. That way you will discover what you really should not eat and which food simply is not your match.

You can run elimination test by reducing, or completely removing certain foods for a period of two to three weeks and carefully watch all symptoms. Also, check for the body’s response after re eating the same foods. Usually it takes a longer period of time until you find out what really causes digestive problems.

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