Take action on time and increase your chances to fight baldness.

When a man begins to go bald, he not only loses hair, but he also starts to lose self-confidence. According to recent studies, as many as 62 percent of men who have begun to lose their hair, also have a problem with the loss of confidence, so it is not surprising that it is considered one of the biggest problems men have in XXI century.

So, how to react in time?

prevent hair loss


We’re not talking only about the hair you see in the sink. Male baldness develops slowly, the hair follicles respond to certain hormones produced by the body, says Besam Farjo, founder of the Medical Center “Farjo”.

“Side parts of the forehead and scalp are usually the most common parts of the head where the hair loss appears” he says.

Timely reaction is crucial, but it is sometimes difficult to notice the process of hair loss. The best option is to carefully watch your photos.


There are only two known treatments against the hair loss, such as Propecia pills, which are taken orally and help to prevent the production of follicle hormones, and the other one is minoxidil spray, which strengthens the hair.

Both of these drugs have been clinically tested, but you should not expect a miracle. They are useful if you want to prevent further hair loss but cannot help your hair to grow in areas where you’ve already lost it.


If medicines do not help, switch to specialized shampoo treatments that stimulate hair growth.

Every time we wash our hair we encourage follicles to open, and shampoos based on menthol promote hair growth. So the story about how regular shampoos encourage hair loss is nothing but a myth.


No need to feel embarrassed because of the hair loss. Accept this fact and choose the most suitable hairstyle. There are plenty of options for men with thinning hair, and products like sprays based on sea salt will give the hair more volume, so it will be easier to make a new hairstyle.


Before you consider such a drastic option, try these mentioned above!

Healthy follicles from your neck are transplanted to the areas where you have lost your hair. The process of hair loss can last up to 30 years, so you have plenty of time to consider whether you want to undergo transplantation.

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