Chronic constipation can damage our organs and can harm our health. So you should do something about this problem before it’s too late…

Constipation is more common in women, and refers to defecation that is difficult and painful.

Acute constipation can happen after diarrhea, after fasting or after some acute patologie. Chronic constipation is more common because of poor peristalsis, lazy bowel, pregnancy, hemorrhoids, poor diet, if you are taking certain medications, or if you are inactive or if experiencing chronic stress.


If discharge comes less frequently you should eat more of these foods and include them in your diet.

Top 5 most important foods to prevent constipation:

  1. Probiotics – Scientific studies show beneficial effect of probiotics in the treatment of constipation. Therefore, it is advisable to drink yogurt enriched with probiotics and make it an integral part of the daily diet.

  2. Bran – they are rich in fiber that speeds up the bowel movement process. The beneficial effect is achieved by taking 10 grams of bran fiber a day and it can also be mixed up with yogurt.

  3. Figs – they contain a high percentage of fiber that is soluble in water and have a beneficial effect on digestion regulation. Fresh and dried figs have a high proportion of magnesium, which is important for normal peristalsis.

  4. Plums – are rich in vitamins A, C and E as well as minerals, the most abundant is potassium. They help with constipation problems because they contain a lot of fiber.

  5. Superfluid – liquids such as water, mineral water rich in magnesium, fruit and vegetable juices and different soups ease the facilitating and speed up passage of the bowel content through the intestine.

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