Cracked heels and dark soles are common during the summer months. Shoes we wear often cause this kind of problems. In addition to moisturizing foot products, there are plenty of effective substances you already have in your kitchen or bathroom.

Shaving foam

Apply a thick layer of shaving foam to your feet. Put the equal amounts of mouthwash and hot water in a bowl and soak in a towel. While the foam is still on your feet, wrap them in a towel and leave it on for about half an hour. Removing the foam rub your feet gently with the same towel. This will eliminate rough and dry skin and your feet will become smooth and soft. At the end of the treatment, apply foot cream for extra hydration.

cracked heels home remedies

Vegetable oil or olive oil

This is another very effective method and all you need is a bit of olive, vegetable or coconut oil. Apply the oil to the feet with your fingers while rubbing the critical skin areas in a gentle way. Do the treatment every evening and after the massage, put on a pair of clean cotton socks and leave it on overnight. When you wake up the next morning, you will be surprised with incredibly soft and hydrated feet.


Vaseline is also an excellent remedy for cracked feet. Just apply it all over your feet and put on a clean cotton socks. If you decide to do the treatment during the day, leave the socks on until Vaseline is fully absorbed and your feet are completely smooth and soft.

Salt water bath

Warm salt water bath is the perfect recipe for treating cracked heels. Add a handful of salt in a hot water, mix it well and immerse the feet into it for 15 minutes. Dry the feet well and apply a thick layer of foot cream or Vaseline and put on a clean cotton socks. Several hours after the treatment your feet will absorb the cream and you’ll be amazed by their nurtured and renewed looks.

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