Everyone enjoys the sweet and rich taste of honey and we all know that it has beneficial effects on our health. However, there are several useful benefits of honey that are little less known. Here are the most interesting:

Honey is one of the oldest medications, and was used in ancient China, Egypt and Greece.

Honey is known as a helper in the treatment of asthma, acne, burns, headaches and is used for strengthening immunity and so on. However, honey has four positive sides, and they are:

Honey cures cough.

A survey by the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine showed that eating buckwheat honey before bedtime relieves cough and provides children better sleep.


During the research, buckwheat honey was compared with dextromethorphan, a cough medicine with taste of honey used in the West and often given to children. The results showed that honey is far more effective, so it is not surprising that the World Health Organization recommends honey, noting that it relieves irritation of the throat.

Honey helps in the healing of wounds.

This solution is becoming increasingly popular in the world, that comes from New Zealand’s manuka honey, which is antibacterial. This honey is the perfect remedy for the treatment of wounds and cuts, which was confirmed by Dr. Robin Miller, a co-author of the book “The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife and Beyond.”

“It seems antibacterial and soothing,” she says.

However, manuka is not the only type of honey that fights against the wounds. Nigerian scientists study published in the “British Journal of Surgery” showed that any kind of honey can act positively in the treatment of wounds. Also, the same study found that it helps against skin ulcers!

Honey – an ally of your hair.

The findings published in the “European journal of medical research” confirmed the claim of scientists that solution of diluted raw honey (90 percent honey and 10 hot water) works against seborrheic dermatitis, it helps when scalp is covered with dandruff and helps stop itching.

In the survey, thirty participants who suffer from this type of dermatitis participated for a period of four weeks. They were using the honey solution on the scalp and the results were stunning: There was much less dandruff, and the lesions disappeared in just two weeks!

Honey provides energy!

It is a misconception that carbohydrates are not good for the human body, writes The Huffington Post. They are essential to create glucose for the digestive tract, which leads to a burst of energy in cells, tissues and organs, according to the US National Institutes of Health.

Honey contains about 17 grams of carbohydrates per a tablespoon, and can be an excellent source of energy that will help you get through a busy day. Also, some experts recommend it as the best possible snack before or after workout because it contains antioxidants.

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