First thing first; our bodies are incredible! They are strong and resilient.

They give us warnings if they think a problem is occurring. They’re even capable of fixing things all by themselves. However, sometimes our bodies need for us to help them! After all, no relationship should be entirely one sided. And what relationship is more important that our relationship than the very body we live in?





So, let’s look at three ways you may not being helping your body to help you… and what you can do about it! They relate to how much sleep you get per night, and whether or not you are wearing suitable footwear. We will also touch upon your diet, and a bad habit you may well need to cut out!



Not sleeping much at night?

You’re not helping…your body to recharge your batteries

It was said that UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher lived off 4 hours sleep a night. This worked for her, sure, but it is definitely not advisable for you. We put our bodies through a lot during the days. We expect a lot from them. So it is only fair that you repay them at the end of the day with ample sleep. It is when your body is at rest that it can best do its job. It can get to work fixing aches and pains, processing things, cleaning things and much more. If you don’t sleep, you aren’t giving your body enough time to recharge you. Aim for eight hours, though be sure you get at least six as a minimum.



Wearing unsupportive shoes, not fit-for-purpose?

You’re not helping…. Your feet to be comfortable and support you

We’ve all had that buzz of seeing a gorgeous pair of shoes that we instantly fall in love with. However, if they are fashion shoes, they may not have been made properly. By made properly, we don’t mean they will fall apart after three wears! We mean that they haven’t been made with proper foot and leg support in mind. While these kind of shoes are okay for occasional use, wearing them too often can cause all sorts of problems. You also need to make sure that your footwear is fit-for-purpose. Be sure that the support you are getting is what you need. So, take orthotics for running shoes, for example. You will need something slightly different to what you need for everyday activities.


sugar is bad for you


Snacking on sugary foods and drinks?

You’re not helping…  your energy levels throughout the day.

Okay, let’s be honest here. If what you need is a short-term boost of energy and motivation, sugar is great. Having a sugary snack boosts your energy levels quickly, and you can feel the hit in your body. However… onto the bad news. That hit simply can’t last. And when it ends, sooner than you might think and rather than abruptly, you crash. A sugar crash just isn’t pleasant. It can wipe you out, give you a bad headache, or worse. By having sugary snacks and drinks during the day, you are not helping your energy levels. Improve your eating habits, cut your sugar intake down, and snack on healthy fruit or nuts instead.