Did you know that by weight, 72% of our body is made up of water? Despite our body already being full of water, we are encouraged to drink more of it, as there are many studies revealing the benefits water has on our health. However, water also plays an important role in helping our teeth. Taking care of our teeth is crucial as maintaining a healthy mouth means you are helping to prevent problems such as gum disease, tooth loss, and even mouth cancer. So, how can water help your teeth?

Water is naturally healthy

To maintain a healthy mouth and body, there is one thing we should all be cutting down on: sugar. The amount of drinks we have on a daily basis which contain sugar is staggering. Fizzy drinks, energy drinks, juices and some alcohol all contain sugar, which is very bad news for our teeth. When you consume these drinks, the sugar reacts with the bacteria in your mouth. This reaction causes plaque to form (you can’t see it but it makes your teeth feel sticky), and this plaque can lead to tooth decay. Other drinks such as tea and coffee can also be damaging as they can stain your teeth.

drinking water benefits

So what drinks are good for our teeth? Milk is good as it contains calcium, which strengthens teeth. However, the best drink for your teeth is water. Water naturally contains no sugar (but avoid flavored water drinks which do!) Therefore, drinking it causes no damage to teeth and there is no need to worry about staining.

Water can be used to rinse

Flossing and brushing are vital in your day-to-day routine to maintain good oral health. Sometimes, however, it’s not convenient to floss or brush after a meal. In these instances, what can you do? It’s important not to let sugar linger on your teeth, so the answer is a quick rinse with water! Simply rinsing your mouth with water after eating can help to remove any sugar or food which is still in your mouth. Rinsing with water, like you would with mouthwash, can help to wash away any food or sugar still in your mouth. It may not give you that minty fresh smell, but will do the trick until you can brush or floss later on in the day.

Fluoride found within water

The final way water can help your teeth is from the natural mineral called fluoride, which is found in many water supplies. Some countries and cities use a process called fluoridation to add the fluoride to tap water. Too much fluoride can cause problems, particularly for children with growing teeth. However, a low level of fluoride has many benefits to teeth. The mineral is able to help prevent tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel and protecting it from acids. Although it can be found in many toothpastes, having it also in your water is a real benefit to your teeth.

As you can see, water has numerous benefits for our teeth and overall oral health. It’s important to use it not just for drinking but also rinsing your mouth. Doing this means you are actively taking care of your teeth to help prevent tooth decay and health problems which can start within your mouth.

Dr. Jenny Kabir is the clinical director of Fresh Dental Smile Clinic in York. As an award-winning dental surgery, they pride themselves on outstanding patient service and care. For more information about dental health and procedures, visit the website: www.freshsmiles.co.uk