Do you have problems with cardiovascular system?! The reason for this doesn’t have to be all genetic, it also can be an external factor (from your environment), which means that poor eating habits and low physical activity can explain the big list of nations with the high rate of deaths caused by cardio-vascular diseases.

Don’t forget, our heart should not be treated with all kinds of pills and other drugs but with changing of bad habits!

Healthy and properly balanced diet and regular, organized physical activity are the best things you can do if you want to improve your health.

Exeter University in the UK is well known for its research in the field of sport, nutrition and health science. I have met countless scientific evidence showing the impact of food and physical activity on a variety of functions in the human body, and most of these studies originated from Exeter. Many scientific discoveries and research results can be directly applied on people’s lives and that is why we strive to write and suggest some practical knowledge on how to improve the quality of your life.

This time I will propose 3 types of food for which there is solid scientific evidence that they have beneficial effect on heart health and thus on the entire cardiovascular system. Therefore, I present to you three main ingredients that will make your heart healthy:


We should eat fish meat and omega-3 fats if we want to be healthy. Wild salmon is one of the best fish species because of large amounts of these fatty acids. Also, ingredients that are found in salmon will strengthen your immune system, prevent the occurrence of blood clots and prevent heart attacks. If we add the impact of lowering the level of triglycerides in the blood serum, the protection of the arteries and lowering blood pressure, it is easy to reach to the conclusion that wild salmon is an ideal food for the cardiovascular system. Don’t forget, salmon tastes best when baked in the oven.


We will now write about the benefits of oats. That means only one thing… if you haven’t made oats as a part of your diet, do so immediately after reading. Oats provide long-lasting energy, so it is of no surprise that it is anciently famous horse food. Also, it contains many vitamins, led by vitamin B complex, which prevent blood clotting and can increase the level of HLD cholesterol (good cholesterol), which means one thing: a healthy heart! Oatmeal porridge is simplest to make, and we have repeatedly suggested recipes for oatmeal that can be found in the archive on our blog.


Linseed has a very popular role in the digestive system because of the high fiber content. Also, these fibers help in regulating blood sugar levels and are important in people with type 2 diabetes. Flax seeds reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, and lower the risk of having a heart attack, blood clots and heart arrhythmia. To make the best use of flax, you should mince it so it can be easily added to all meals, from soups and boiled vegetables to bread and rolls, yogurt, porridges and other meals.

I hope you found this article useful and you have some new idea of your healthy diet. If you have any advices to maintain the health of your heart, please share it with us. Healthy Fit Natural will gladly publish it.

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